Fauci on What Working for Trump Was Really Like

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Don't know if you caught this today. The the new york times interview with feci dr home really on what working on yeah. It's an interview. They had him for an hour Task him about working for trump was really like so from denial. Ism to death threats. Dr anthony fauci describes a front year as an advisor to president. Donald j trump on the covid nineteen pandemic. And you know what. What's so interesting about this interview for me. Kim is how despite the headline and a clear attempts to almost make it sounds salacious. There is nothing about this interview. That is even remotely salacious. If anything it's it's it might even be considered a bit drab aside from yes the reality that dr fauci. His family faced death threats. He had an envelope full of a powder that showed up at his office. And you know people had to come in with has matt suits to determine whether it was you know a harmful substance turned out wasn't but aside from that cam what's really interesting is just how much dr fauci kept his cool through this entire process and you know when people were thinking well what happened coachee. Did he disappeared. did he get fired. and he talks very pointingly about this that his job is to be honest. Youthful transparent. that is his role and he is not prepared to compromise in that regard at all full stop and that led him to effectively. Keep quiet in many ways. Almost you know if you can't say anything nice. Don't say anything at all cam. He sort of got to a place where he could not in good conscience. Get up and be supportive of the message that the administration was conveying and the reality was quickly becoming that time he did speak. He was contradicting the administration. And then the administration you know behind closed doors would kind of lean into him and say you can't say this you can't say this But yeah just just the dedication of this man to maintaining the message maintaining the message staying true to his to his beliefs true to his education. True to background true to science and true two facts regardless of the obstacles that he faced along the so. Is it worth your time. Yes is it a as salacious As the you know the the the headline might suggest no not at all on the contrary. It's exactly what you would probably expect dr fauci to say right down to his his closing remark where you know the reporters clearly trying to bait him into saying that. Donald trump is responsible for You know all the cova deaths and he says look you know i. I don't have any scientific evidence to confirm or deny one way or the other that he is directly responsible. So i'm not going to touch that Yeah i i hope that one of the things that we get back in the future is an understanding of who the messenger is and who the newsmaker is and you know a foul. She was like you said he's there to tell the truth and to share his expertise and if he says wear a mask people get angry about that is not really she pushing masks. He's saying this is what his years of experience and training of tottenham and for some reason. We have discounted

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