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Going to be the same thickness so i guess what we're looking at here. Is the larger ipad pro getting some kind of new display technology. And we're expecting that to be mentally d but the eleven inch be not so much and we've seen this in the past right. The bigger ipad pro in or at least ipad pros being on different Kind of release cycles technology and it looks like that might be what's happening right. Well the remember. The larger ipad pro came out first and then the the small had came out later with some features that weren't in the larger but the larger had features that weren't in the smaller and they sink them up. So this would be an interesting thing. If a few years later on they decide to make you know the call it the ipad pro. Max of god. I hope not dilemmas. Don't seem to suggest that there will be multiple twelve point nine but that could be well. I'm just saying if the eleven is the ipad pro and the twelve pro. Max me being as down. I don't wanna own a pro max. Led is this technology that's supposed to dramatically improve the control the back lighting on the display. So that you could probably column. Hdr display which they can't. I don't know interesting idea to buy for the line like that. I i think that's been an open question especially when the The ipad air was updated. Is like okay. How is the ipad pro different. And how are the two models different. Are they different other than size. I would find a shame

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