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The Texas power grid is looking for ways to add more supply and rotate. The outages still have to have the same amount of power outages, but we're trying to trade off those who've been out for the extended period period of time. And replace them with customers haven't been out and that process is ongoing. Right now. We hope that if Kat continues to give us some relief, we hope that we could do that. For the rest of today. Another system expected overnight likely to add to the snow and ice already making travel treacherous above freezing temperatures not expected until Friday. Nebraska. GOP leaders angry over Ben Sasse is guilty vote in last week's impeachment trial of former President Trump are feeling pushback from the junior Senator Sasse told NPR that the party needs to in his words distinguish between conservatism and short termism. His view is far from the majority report within the party. However, 75% of Republicans said it a new poll this week. Want Mr Trump to continue playing a prominent role in the GOP. Several county level GOP groups and sass is home state have voted to censure him over his vote to convict Mr Trump of inciting a riot, the capital last month by Magna reporting. FEMA opens first covert 19 mass vaccination sites setting up in Los Angeles and in Oakland. War it count whole dot com Pounds and pounds

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