11 Crucial Emergency Winterization Tips for Campers Caught in Sudden Cold

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The rb lifestyle so welcome. We are very honored that you chose to put us in your ears this week. And this week We are gonna talk about the great freeze up of twenty twenty one unprecedented cold and snow and ice hitting every place from the gulf coast of texas. All the way to the panhandle of florida rate in the path of a lot of rv snowbirds. Who had no idea it could get that cold down south cold it got and we're going to hear from some viewers who've been caught in that cold and we are also going to share some tips about how to make sure that that doesn't happen to you but i my lifelong traveling companion and my bride jennifer hamm a deer. Hello michael we are pretty much snowbound ourselves today. I know several things that we had planned were cancelled because we got about what nine inches of snow. Up here in michigan We are coming to you from our sticks and bricks studio But we just got back from a camp out last week up in northern michigan. We were up along. The lake michigan shoreline and enjoy winter camping at its best but got home in a big snowstorm. Hit the one that kind of caught all those other viewers by surprise. We're snugglers the bug in a rug. He i wish we could share what we have with those. That don't have worth yes

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