Cramer calls on U.S. to build factories to address chip shortage, unemployment


As the pandemic gradually draws to a close. We've still got to national emergencies that we had to talk about a man money. A horrendously high unemployment rate and the semiconductor shorts is causing major problems for us manufacturing and competitiveness. We need more chips and we need more jobs so why. Kill two birds with one stone. It's time for our government to invest in building the biggest and best complex of semiconductor foundries. That's the factories in the world. And we can do this now. This kind of initiative went out of style decades ago but we know it works because the government just did it with operation warp speed the co vaccine program that got us to trick vaccines in less than a year. Were on a roll. Let's keep it. I don't need to explain. Employments national emergency but what south with the massive government back semiconductor foundry pro. Okay we just heard from general motors. They have all these new indian vehicles but they simply can't make them because they're sending books shortage and modern cars require a lot of tech ford said the same thing could cost them one to two billion this year bleed. You're gonna start hearing about this shortage. Constantly dan we the us really havoc with all sorts of industries and making us less competitive and perhaps even hostage country hostage to a bigger chip customer. The pr see. We got to get ahead of this. Now some of this shortages natural thanks to cova. We've got millions of new homes. That require a lot. Har- we're eating these chips like doritos at halftime. But some of you thanks to globalization are sitting been able to outsource their manufacturing most couple of huge asian operators taiwan's semi which is now the biggest samsung. These are both incredible mazing. Well run companies but they also get so production capacity that they have they hit the entire world including demand from china that hits american companies extra hard because new of our businesses run on just in time ordering. They don't want to sit in a lot of extra components it just by the chips when they need them. That's a quick way to make money save money until it's a shortage. Now that's where we find ourselves. Our companies can't get enough chips because there's not enough. Production were wide and that lack of chips is hurting all sorts of manufacturing including the formation. Gm and ford now. There are two ways to approaches. We can throw up our hands and baked samsung taiwan semi to build more plants. That's been our strategy or anywhere for that matter or we can roll up our sleeves. Like operation warp speed. Remember today when everyone get tested raw. Got javert here can roll up our sleeves and get this job done ourselves. If we're supposed to be the most powerful country in we'd be able to manufacture semiconductors for heaven's sake it's our industry so let me tell you what needs to happen. You might not know it. But america's best tech industry the most intellectual property that is anywhere in tech is in the semiconductor capital equipment space. That's lam research. Kelly tinker applied materials. They had machines that we need to make chips meaning while building gigantic simtek foundries can put more people to work and just about any other research project much more than a much than highway than a bridge. Why stop at roads and bridges and we re establish yourself as a whole new kingpin in manufacturing industry that used to dominate. And hey biden's pick for commerce secretary gina raimondo. She was a venture. Capitals governor of rhode island. I got into politics. She'd be the perfect champion for this project. We can take advantage of low interest rates to issue fifty year semiconductor savings bonds to raise the money for this project partner up with the private sector then. These businesses can pay back. uncle sam. Production gets rolling or chips. Defense ships all sorts of internet of things. Chips should be able to make this stuff domestically in the best in the world. Honestly it's insane. We outsource our semiconductor manufacturing to taiwan south korea. When they're within spitting distance of our biggest wattle china. I love taiwan. I love south korea but we ever get into a shooting war with the chinese. For heaven's sake they'll be right in the middle of it. Hopefully it never comes to that but why would even taking that chance. How much would this cost. We know semi spending up to twenty billion to boost its output. And they're very good at what they do. Let's say let's let's borrow one hundred billion dollars in savings bonds to make the us more semiconductor independent over the next few years but we have to start immediately to alleviate the shortage people intensive national imperative blueprint ready customer for the suppliers. Ready to help so soon. To be secretary raimondo. You've been on the show. Let's get the loan just chip ongoing going and put an end to this chip. Shorter's saving tens of thousands of jobs giving me economy a huge boost. This is what we used to call industrial policy. It worked for vaccines. And i know from work for chips to

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