Bringing Voice to the Elderly with Maarten Lens-FitzGerald of Project Zilver


I'm with Martin Lens Fitzgerald Martin. Money tell us what you do so bill for over three years now. I'm a voice evangelist. So I helped companies find their way into this new channel. Maybe even a new medium and I do this in Amsterdam so most of Europe is where I work customers like Vodafone. KLM TALL POW all kinds of companies. That I talked to that I help inspire action. He gets simple skills skills or actions going or even help them scale. AWESOME UNWARE HAIR project voice What are you doing a project voice? What do you do you like will here? I am actually sleep tech talking to people about project silver which is my project that helps elderly people yeah get better life uplifting there live using voice technology and it's consorts you. Mike created together with Google in Holland as well as the local AARP and insurer and the government ban and what we found. I'll be sharing this research tomorrow. Is that over. Twenty one percent of the elderly had talked to the vice is already up and running and yeah basically it's a very promising medium medium for them so with the consortium and trying to get customers are basically trying to get organizations to create services for the elderly because Handy Handy. That's great you know. I M super bullish on the elderly invoice because it's not technology they need to learn just talk and and it just works and I think it's one of the. There's such an opportunity for the voice industry to get in and help Italy and have them lead a better life. I it's what I've found with snow already for a year and a half is that it's a flywheel effect I found platforms. They get more users at more of a positive a PR angle. It's not just light bulbs on and often buying flowers knows making people's lives better. There is so much impact their customer or the organizations get more customer service purpose than better and then the elderly whose lives get ab- lifted so and that together it creates like a magic potion if you will and we started now also in Denmark. I'm looking to start in Germany in the UK as well as in the US news. So that's my mission so you touched a bit with talking about your project and silver and elderly but where thirty one of the voice and what do you see it going in next year five years. Where would you like to see it so if I was younger? Now I would steady the anthropology collagen emerging tech. So how do you emerge a new channel like voice. This is my fourth new medium or fifth new medium. started out web did email we all did. Mobil did augmented reality. And now this and so where are we now. And what's going to happen. It's Daily. I wonder I ponder that so on one one hand I think are we still. I wonder are we at the gopher stage of see remember ads. Remember that this tree whip creates are are we at compuserve and AOL live at further was walled gardens which suites the platforms aren't or are we at the stage age. Where you had just Nokia blackberry but no iphone or android and I think we are before the iphone moment of voice and Actually Salihi standing in the sand or that? I think the approach that bixby house is one of the key next generation approaches that we need that is different than almost the APP model. which you find with Amazon with herbals? I'm really yeah following. Let's go on with gigs. Because I think that is very well. Thank you very much. Yeah we're trying to push the industry forward and you know we have very able and great competitors and I think it's all it's all just a rising tide for all going on right now. So Martin. People want to follow what you're doing project silver or yourself. How would they keep in contact with Zilmer with a z dot com where we will publish publish our research results next week? We'll be launching tomorrow here in formerly the next we could we Downloadable as a pdf and then if we want to know more about me use me in your company any any which way as a talk as it were jobs or helped me help. Create Services Lens Dash Fitzgerald Dot Com. Everything's they're awesome pleasure talking to you. Martin

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