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Welcome to the frame. I'm Steven Cuevas in for John Horn. But he's actually sitting right here beside me because by the time you hear this. He'll be at the Sundance Film Festival. John Thanks for taking time before you pack your bags my pleasure. I love the fact that I'm here but I'm not here John. There are dozens of feature films film screened at Sundance. Of course tell me about some of this year's most anticipated entries. I'M GONNA lean towards documentaries if you look at the movies that are nominated for the documentary feature academy me where this year three of them premiered at Sundance a year ago. American factory honey land and edge of democracy. And if you look at the very first night at the Sundance Dance Film Festival. There are new documentaries from producers. You might have heard of Barack and Michelle Obama. They've called Crip camp which is about the disability rights movement. There's another documentary about Taylor swift and about why. She is becoming a little bit more political and that's just in one theater in one night. Well one of the documentary entries premiering at Sundance that I wanted to ask you about It's when it's trying a lot of controversy and that's the Kirby Dick and amy during documentary on the record. It focuses on the sexual assault allegations against hip hop mogul Russell Simmons. The film was being executive. Co produced by Oprah Winfrey set to be released on Apple. TV then Winfrey suddenly. He withdrew support and some say. It was under pressure from Russell Simmons. She denies this and says it's because of questions arising from one of the alleged victims. What's to become come of this documentary on the record? Well it is going to show at the festival I mean I think there is the question whether or not Sundance was going to pull it The fact that Oprah Winfrey withdrew her support that apple. TV Hit pause in. The documentary is very unusual. And Kirby and amy have said listen. We think we've made a really good good film. We don't understand what they are complaining about. All of the edits and suggestions up until the time. The picture was locked where minor little things it does feel feel like Russell. Simmons complained to Oprah about the documentary. It's unclear if Oprah thought it was unfair or that featured one woman story over others the Booze GonNa show but for a film to go to the festival with this much. Uncertainty is highly unusual. Yeah not to get too far afield on this but I wonder if Oprah pulling away from this the project could somehow damage her own brand in this in this era of me too. Well I think she has said that. She believes the women who are accusing Russell Simmons of sexual assault and harassment. So I don't think she's saying I am not believing them anymore. I think she has to her. Mind legitimate questions about the documentary. Yeah it is important that she is on board or not on board because her producing does suggest that there is a level of quality ability and credibility to it and the fact that she's leaving it does ultimately damage. I think the standing of the film Another film to ask you about. Was this four part documentary. On Hillary Clinton Clinton. It'll be available on Hulu. She will also be attending Sundance for the first time to do promotion for this film. What you know about it and you know any any buzz around it? I guess I know a fair amount about it I'm GONNA be doing. QNA With Hillary Clinton at the festival is a four part series. That has a behind the scenes footage of her running against against Donald Trump. But it's really about her political career and about how things stand today so words at all. Hillary is a participant in this documentary. It s you said she'll be at the festival and she'll be talking with me. She says a lot of the documentary. I hope she says even more when we sit down to have a conversation. There's one other film I wanted to ask you about. And that's a a little film called feels good man and it's an indie production looking at the rise of of this comic pepe the frog that was actually created by L. A. based cartoonist and it sort of became an emblem for the outright. Who took this image and kind of started using it for antisemitic means racists memes all kinds of really nasty stuff? What do you know about the film and Are you going to see it? Yeah I'm definitely going to see. The artist is named fury. And it's about how something something becomes an icon for hate. And how the artist behind that I contract reclaim it and I think if you look more broadly at a lot of the documentaries that are playing the festival a lot of them are about what's going on in the world right now. There's a new documentary about the kids who survived the park. Land shooting about what they're doing to fight against against Gun. Violence US kids. I think that there's another documentary called early. Bird it's about the helicopter news pilot Zoey Tur and about what her works has about the tabloid of news and the Oj. Trial Voice State is a documentary about seventeen year. Old Boys a thousand from Texas says who join up to build a representative government from the ground up so wherever you look Especially in documentaries. There are a lot of films about the current state of the country. And what we might do to fix it. And what are some of the feature films. You're looking forward to checking out. I know that things that are kind of top of our sundance card include downhill. This is a remake of the movie force majeure a Foreign Language move from a couple years ago it stars. Julia Louis Dreyfuss Will Ferrell. It's made by nat facts and Jim Rash. Who did a movie called called way way back not that long ago Vigo Mortenson who is one of my favorite actors hell yeah written directed stars in a movie called following that I think is partially in Spanish? So there's nothing Vigo can't do. There's an Anthony Hopkins movie based on a play called the father. There's a movie about Gloria Steinem in many different iterations directed by Julie. Taymor you might know her from the Lion King. You know the other thing that we should talk about our number of movies that are going to sundance that are looking Ford distribution and one of the things that a lot of people forget is that Sundance is not only a film festival. It's a film market and it'll be really interesting to see given how a poorly some of the movies from last year as well at the Box Office if the checkbooks will be open s much as they were a year ago.

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