Upgrade 282: The iPad at 10 - burst 10



You've got three months to turn all your IPHONE APPS and IPAD APPS and be there on day one of the IPAD keeping in mind that we are in this period in the throes of the height of the iphone APP. Store Gold Rush. So everybody's like Oh new apple product APPs make a lot of money. I want to be there on day one for the IPAD and he says forestall says like if you are using an IPAD and you go to the APP store you can find iphone APPs but we're not gonNA show show them to you which is still the case today Mike you can get to them but developers if you just having an IPHONE APP in the APP store is not going to get you on on the IPAD at launch people. What they won't even see you in any of the pages unless they look for you right which is like how much clearer could this message be? But but So so you got your second class APP on this new platform. We're giving you three months to fix that. And everybody's everybody's already hyped up with those like. I became a millionaire because I wrote a fart app kind of things that are going on and so it was the perfect storm for for apple to get broad developer embrace of the IPAD. They had apps that were already on the platform with iphone. They had reasons reasons to bring it to the IPAD. The apple was kind of bringing down the hammer. And saying we'RE GONNA LOSE NOT DISPLAY APP if you don't do this and we will highlight you if you do and everybody's pumped about the money that's being made in the APP store and you put those things together and there were a lot three months later. Two months later there are a lot ipad taps on day one lots and lots and I think one of the things for that is like you say the the stories. The stories were because when the APP

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