New York Weather: Saturday Morning Forecast


Okay we have clouds moving in early this morning breezy conditions a low down to thirty eight degrees here in the city but it looks like in northwest Jersey there could be temperatures near freezing and that's a big deal because around daybreak we seeing some light rain showers and drizzle arriving that could lead to some icy spots across northwest Jersey otherwise for the rest of today but of rain and drizzle at this morning otherwise rain become heavy heavier through the midday and early afternoon and those heavy rain showers could lead to ponding on area roadways as well as poorly drained areas with a stiff easterly wind loss that also have to watch out for some coastal flooding at high tide temperatures in the forties during the day but rising to near fifty degrees in the evening type patchy clouds breezy little third he ate will still be breezy heading into Sunday perhaps a shower well to the north and west of the city with the I. forty seven still breezy on Monday with a high of forty six currently it's thirty nine degrees going down to thirty eight made town under mostly cloudy skies on meteorologist Matt bent on new York's weather station

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