Schiff calls for Trump removal in wrap-up to House managers' opening arguments



Impeachment manager congressman Adam Schiff give America a fair trial she's worth it house managers of trying to convince senators president trump is guilty of abuse of power for a scheme merging Ukraine to announce politically motivated investigations in return for security assistance in a White House visit for the newly elected president route arguments Democrats also pleaded with Senate Republicans to support subpoenas for documents an additional witness testimony boxes Jared helper on Capitol Hill Robert ray is on the president's legal team he says the defense will begin its case tomorrow morning and we'll take a couple hours a message will be to be organized to be persuasive to not be repetitive and to do only what is necessary to persuade members of the Senate that these impeachment articles are not sustainable and do not warrant the president's removal from office on fox is the Ingram angle there now to confirm cases of corona virus in the U. S. the latest the woman in the Chicago area how the solid response plan in place there is no need for the general public to change their behavior in any way based on this news Chicago public health commissioner doctor Allison Armani a man in Washington state was confirmed to have the virus last week

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