Final goodbye: Recalling influential people who died in 2019


People like congressman Elijah Cummings who champion for the poor and for immigrants country is that this is the United States of America retired Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens was the leader of its liberal wing and a proponent of abortion rights in consumer protections at the very least I know that learning on the bench has been one of the most important and rewarding aspects of my own experience Ross Perot ran for president in nineteen ninety two he recorded the highest percentage for an independent or third party candidate since nineteen twelve you don't care about anything to make money there will be a job sucking sound going south Lee Iacocca became a folk hero rescuing one of Detroit's big three ally first of this crazy job they were ready to bury Chrysler last year you've made it the fastest growing car and truck company in America and the leader of the Islamic state group was killed a car Albert Daddy is dead I'm a Donahue

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