Belgium's History is Weird AF (aka 'why Belgian beer is the best beer')


So after we moved to the big city battles Brussels. Brussels is fine because so the we're kind of in my head the picture of Brussels that I see is the grand place and it is sustainable. Russell's it's like the main square. It's very grand. It is the most grand. Every single side of the grand. Grand`place is more grand than the other sides and that is how the architecture came to be. You know it's actually by design so I'm bit of architecture so while in the grand plus you can kind kind of see all of Belgian history. So there's a reason why. Belgium uses four languages. They've always been at the mercy of Europe's larger monarchy's he's passed back and forth. Play thing that nobody really wants to share. So they've been conquered by the Netherlands France by Spain Austria even Luxembourg Berg got in the action which is really not one of the major monarchies. Just I don't know how that happened. It was a weird time so eventually Belgium won its independence in the eighteen thirties. And and since given everyone the finger by making Brussels the capital of both NATO and the EU and there is this whole problematic thing with King Leopold and colonization and. We won't get into of that here. It was a dark time but the point is Belgian how to come up and that's why there are like fifty seven different kinds of buildings all fighting for the most fabulous this building award in one single square. The GRANDPA's yeah like every single kind of architecture is represented there. You look around and it's like this side is gothic and then this side over here here is do you really only know gothic only no gothic. I was hoping you would just jump in Rococo Romanneh's there's I think Moroccan in there somewhere now no now now Luxembourg Morocco. But basically if you stand in the middle of GRANDPA's and just do like a three sixty. You're going need to see pretty much. Every architectural type from like the fifteen hundreds onto eighteen thirties. which is cool if you're an architecture nerd but what I thought was fascinating? Is that sometimes. One half of the building didn't match up to the other half of the building like I think like the king switched midway through and just like had the old architects beheaded and just like brought in his new architect and the new architect was just like. I don't know what to do with these windows. So we're just going to put a wall here and you wouldn't even like really notice us but we had a guide and they're pointing everything out and it's it's real wacky. One of the coolest thing about things about gothic architecture is it's not just the it's not just the pointed arches but it's it's also just the symmetry through everything but if you stand right in the middle of the GOTHIC building of the grand plus. It looks like somebody just tried to draw one half of it to imitate it. There's like different sized windows. They're the columns just end all of a sudden. It's kind of like you know that place near us like like in San Jose where that woman was told that if she just kept building things that ghost wouldn't get her winchester mystery house. Yeah it's like. The Winchester Mystery House but gothic architecture is dope. It's it's pretty metal. It's pretty awesome. So the grand place is gorgeous. It's like just the ridiculous in every way and something else. That was really cool that we notice when we were there is that there's all these different street signs like every street in Brussels has two different signs because there's like the fancy name from like the French when the French were in charge and then there's just like the Sassy name from Lake when the judge were in charge like for example. There's like the Kings may as all and then later on they renamed the exact same building the bread house because some Dutch people came along and they were like the king didn't live here. This was just some dude selling bread. So we're GONNA going to call it the bread house because we're Dutch and everything has like five names adding that's really cool. Yeah there's like rude and it's like the judge version is long street Yeah yeah yeah accurate but that was really cool. So Brussels is just like a cool like melting pot of all these different cultures and we're talking about architecture. My favorite in Brussels is Art Nouveau. Which Brussels is the birthplace of art? Nouveau fun fact. Thanks Belgium. You're pretty Rad again. We talk about some fucking beer. Yes okay yeah sorry sorry. Too much architecture not enough beer. The Art teacher over here saying we're beer. Let's let's talk about the history of beer just so we can nerd out about it. Okay so so when you think of a brewer you probably think somebody in flannel with a beard and like a tiny little beanie who's always talking about hops and you're saying hotter describing yourself herself you just described. You never talked about hops. Are you kidding me. But if we're really talking the true brewer it's a monk monk's the. Oj brewers facts so long ago it was rare to be literate and monks were able to read and write which allowed them to create recipes and pass them down and right the Bible or read the Bible or whatever they were doing okay. Nobody case beer. Monks were able to do. They were able to practice writing down recipes for beer and nobody else else could do it. So monks didn't originate in Belgium. They came to Belgium because they were seeking. Persecution and Belgium has long been a safe haven for those seeking persecution because like every five years. There's a new king so like if you're fleeing you're king just go to Belgium wait for five years. There's a new king. You're good rate. So monks came to Belgian seeking persecution too to and they brought with them all of these recipes that they developed for beer fleeing persecution. That's what I sat and seeking. That's very different very different. Different message. No not what they were seeking anyway so all these like a hipster ass like flannel wearing monks. Thanks flew to Belgium and at the time. Yeah robes or flannel a little monk with a flannel aerobic writing writing a fix what's sick sour. Cherries and beer. He's got he's got his little bald spot and the top of his head. But it's like a tattoo of like a spiderweb and he's allegheny but there's like a circle cut out of the top versatile bald spot. It's the God whole whatever. The whatever the point of that God the whole waiver God to get his message to you come holy not tagged I bet somebody did. It's definitely not true. The whole title for a metal band from Belgium. The God whole Brown Internet is that metal to you. That sounded like that sounded like bluegrass the hill so back in the day you couldn't actually like drink. Water kill you you would just get some sort of horrible Colorado and you just die right so water was super unsafe but here in it yet beers good beers fine bureau day. You're fine feeling good hydrated. Happy you know. Even kids will drink beer. They would water down kind of like a bud light and just give it to kids so there is an adult beer and like kid beer and nobody died and it was great so eventually people just kind of made this link between like monks like drinking beer not dying and divinity and boom. That's why beer is holy. So so if you're a fan of beer you've definitely heard of the term a trappist hopefully hopefully there are eleven. Trappist breweries in the entire world and Belgium has six and I don't even care what the other ones are. Because because Belgians are the best so the trap is number one is that a beer is not a trappist beer unless it is brewed inside a working monastery and it can't just be like a monastery front I don't like it can't just be a bunch of people like dressed up like monks because it's cool looking. They actually have to be like doing monthly things. They call that a trap ish stop. It's actually just a trap like a tourist trap get it babe like a tourist Trappist mine was mine was so much better so travis beers so but do you get all trappist beer. Prophets must return directly directly to the monastery or be donated to sharing. Yeah that's why nobody's starting like actual monasteries to make beer like nobody's like eighty we're an American Trappist monastery a beer. No they're like Trappist style because they don't actually want to donate all of their money to charity because that's no fun. It's only a monk in which case making beer is its own reward. They don't need the money they're not in it for the money. They're not sellouts beer and social responsibility. It's Great Combo. That is a great Hambo. Those all a bunch of like weird rules rules about Belgian beer like you can't just like crack open a cold wine in Belgium in fact if you did you make kicked out of the bar crooked cold one with the boys you can't. You can't do it. I'm not getting Steve All right anyway. You can't do it in Belgium so so first of all. They have like nine step ridiculous. Pouring process called the Belgian pouring ritual. And they're all sort of like vaguely religious just in its purpose when you because monks. Yeah when you sort of like wipe the foam off the top of the glass. It's called the beheading. Yeah and you have to have like a solid two fingers of foam. So if you're ever here trying to like port on the side of the glass that you don't get foam. You're an idiot. That's not how you do it. In Belgium in Belgium the Foamy head protects the beer from the air and keeps it from going flat and stale. So you have fizzy beer. Until the very last SIP foam is the best dip the of the glass and water to wash off if the Serbs and they call it the baptism. It's a whole. It's a whole thing. You also don't want to have Belgian beer from a tap. It's actually when it's in the bottle because it's still in brewing in the bottle like a super unfiltered. It's still got the yeast in there and when you crack open the bottle. It's still all fizzy. You don't WanNa have it like in a tap where all these it has died. That's still fermenting. Until the moment you drink it right and you also don't want to have it cold. You WanNa have slightly below room temperature and that's really kind of like a taste thing like the the warmer it gets the more complexities you unlock the other really. Cool thing about Belgian beer is that when you brew beer in Belgium you also have to come up with its own special glass and the glasses sort of like a marketing ploy. It is like it's it's used for advertisement like you're not gonNA see like a Trappist I billboard rate they use the actual glass for advertisement Yelich. We saw one that looked like a horn and it wasn't the best beer but it was a really cool looking glass and I wanted to to order Casaus. Somebody else and I was like. I'll have what he's having. Please thank you. I would like to drink out of a glass horn. Please and the best one I think quack quack quack. Beer is served in this weird weird like chemistry lab looking glass thing that comes in like a weird looking wooden frame and it looks bomb. It looks like a beaker is the word you're looking for chemistry lab look thing yes speaker speaker. Correct link you. The point is the reason why it looks like that is because the guy who invented quack beer made that stand for beer so that he could hold it and drive his carriage drunk without spilling his beer which I called genius so I mean. It's very unsafe strong driving proof but why would you want that. I mean to me though that is the definition of Belgium. Right there just you know. Necessity is the mother of bad inventions. But like that's awesome you he now so you can't talk about Belgian beer without talking about the literal King of Beers. I know that some like coors or Budweiser Causes Those Beers. This is rated the best beer on the entire planet and has been since Nineteen ninety-six. That's true and it is veteran. Twelve spelled West veteran. But it's pronounced vest veteran twelve off

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