I would start date after the diagnosis I would bake for D. correct can't read that


And then you had the which is the microwave standing next to the microwave although it's not a and I wouldn't recommend that you're constantly by the record microwave or even use them right away for that fact often but it would take an awful lot of radiation for you to get breast cancer from standing near in microwave that acts of the net okay yeah and it's funny that in twenty twenty some of these ms still process so it right if you sell it so part of it is getting the information out there and the awareness and not having a stigma against attached to a you know taking care of your breasts right absolutely absolutely it sounds like maybe this has become somewhat of a calling for you Jennifer it really has you never know when you are faced with something that you know you need it we it will take years to are you here to be that boy to so many others to say Hey right here looking at me you too can make it through the house and although it may be difficult you know I always tell people you are going through it you're not there to day right exactly you're passing through just right a postcard from the future so the circle of promise now do you know when exactly this started with Susan G. Komen I know circling promise when I first and I was became active with Susan G. Komen shortly after my diagnosis there was I wasn't hearing anything about it but I know then a couple of years and I had been you know going strong the couple of years that is when I started to hear about it

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