Why the 5G iPhone might slow Apple's sales next year

Mac OS Ken


Five G. won't really be ready in the states for two to three years while some pockets of some major Metros may have blazing fast cellular for nationwide coverage which would still only be seventy five percent of the nation. You're looking at twenty. Twenty two at the earliest in loops estimation and now cult of Mac has munster and fellow loop venture will Thompson saying they think that that lack of coverage will lead to slowing growth for Iphone in two thousand twenty one. The thinking seriously interesting. Basically the pare- expects a surge an iphone sales. This year her when iphone five g's are introduced they think that'll taper off in a pretty big way and twenty twenty one people start to realize that they're not actually under the five G.. Blanket in twenty twenty two when coverage in the states had seventy five percent and up. That's when they think sales will we'll pick up again so a surge this year followed by year over year growth of only two percent in two thousand twenty one likely followed by three years of five five to ten percent annual iphone revenue growth according to Munster and company. It may just come down to WHO's correct. Carriers who have fairly robust rollout predictions were Munster and friends who think carrier predictions are somewhat aggressive. Personally think glucose forgetting about marketing carriers selling the promise of five g may be enough for apple to sell a slew of iphone five. Jeez even the cross the slowness Mo- find out over the next few years.

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