CATS Movie Review


Movie version of cats has been widely received as the cinematic equivalent of the arrival of the Hindenburg at Lakehurst New Jersey. Busy in one thousand nine hundred thirty seven joined now by somebody who has actually seen it and has leave thousand yard stare to prove monocle. Twenty fours Ben Ryland Ben. Ah How bad is it really. It's the kind of bad that you'll only see once in a lifetime and why I am actually quite excited Generally speaking android. I'm not one of those critics who delights indignant clause ha ha into things The critics do and there have been a lot of people especially all over twitter. Who are absolutely Louis just outdoing themselves in writing the most scathing review? That's not an art form. I enjoy however on this occasion. I'm willing to make an exception. Because of the thing is with bad films bad inept incompetent they usually just boring. It is quite special for film to be so bad that it becomes James kind of mesmerizing. Is that the kind of bad. We're talking about here. No and there is a problem there as well. So yes what you're saying is that we're not even a bad movie. No it's not it's it's a cl- it's absolutely a fascinating study of what can go wrong when you're talking about a massive David Studio film because as you say films that are legitimately legitimately bad a boring and dull and they go away quite quickly and everyone forgets about them I was riding a peaceful the globalist for this morning here on on on Monaco and I use an example of the snowman which is a film that came out in two thousand seventeen starring Michael Fast Bender it was directed by Thomas Alfredson. It had various Production problems scripts didn't work the short half the film it didn't realize until they went to editor though missing entire portions that that film doesn't work for the obvious reasons and that is a film that everyone has forgotten by. Now this is the cats is not that kind of bad. It's its own wound kind of bad because it's so the top. It's so strange. The idea from the very beginning was so bizarre to have humanoid cats that are going to be. CGI to look sort of real like real human cats is not like on stage. Where you know that there are people in in costumes? I mean you know the the kind of expectation when you have when you see something on stages that you are going to suspend your disbelief anyway in spectacle can be enough in itself. The film doesn't have that because it's made these people look like such authentic alien type mutant cat people that it immediately off putting the biggest problem cats has however aside from all Lasana as if it were just bizarre and entertaining it would be okay. The problem it has is that it's known entertaining. It's dreadfully dull. Everything is told in Song after the song after Song it spends about twenty five minutes of people. Just jumping around going well. I'm the JELLICOE COD on the jelly coca rhyming words with with jellicoe that's it. It's a really a long time to have a rhyming. Exercise that leads ultimately nowhere. The question I guess is could it have worked because on paper and I'm not a fan of the musical cats largely because I love that book old possum's book or practical cats as a kid. I can still recite yards from memory. It took years to be able to enjoy again. I'm having got the songs out of my head and the fact that it keeps coming back means I have to cleanse myself of this all over again but leaving my own prejudices aside what you have. He is is the template of a musical which is obviously popular the the soundtrack albums sold billions of copies. The musical is being a hit in cities all over the world. You had an enormous normal budget and a cast certainly not lacking in talent. We'll say away. This could have been turned into an enjoyable cinematic experience. Yeah and I think and I think most of us who left the cinema earlier this week were thinking of ways that it could have been improved and the list is as you might imagine quite long it. Certainly when you're talking I mentioned earlier. That stage and screen Different mediums. Now that is that cannot be Expressed enough because when you're on stage it is okay. Just be a spectacle. There are many musicals. That don't have a very strong storyline but it's okay okay because they are spectacular. Watch on the stage when you're in a theater it's a more intimate setting when you're at the cinema. You do need something to keep you drawn in so cats could have been better if they'd written a storyline and I don't just mean a stronger. Storyline I just made a storyline. needs to have something to keep it going thing for for two hours and it also needs to have a little bit more talking as well when you're telling the entire story of whatever is happening on on the screen and this is essentially a shall we say twenty different vignettes old cramped together but you don't really know they've in yet because it's just song to song after song to song the the only way to follow them is to know the lyrics and you can't follow every lyric to every song that's playing constantly at you so it ends up just being this big kaleidoscope of confusion Asian so yes they would have been many different ways to make this a better film. But I'M NOT GONNA come out with some sort of ingenious idea that they could have followed it really. Just this comes down to have a story and make it somehow

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