Unchained Year in Review: The Best of 2019 - Ep.152 - burst 12



Central bank. Your interview with the Federal Reserve Chief Economist was quite instructive because it exposes the the fact that to the public that the Federal Reserve is contemplating and is trying to understand digital currency and their appropriate role. is dollars store of value and international trade. So I think there's enormous value there. I think as American I would like to have have a response to alipay And we should not allow the Chinese to write the rules of the road of international finance and we therefore have to have a more competitive mindset about ensuring that there's international commerce using a system that is not Chinese based after all the hand bringing about Libra and China's new digital currency. It was pretty amusing to interview David in a photo and economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis who had a pretty surprising rising attitude to these potential threats to global reserve status of the US dollar since we've been talking about the US dollar. I did WANNA bring up

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