Senate defeats motion to call witnesses in Trump impeachment trial


Six the Senate has voted quickly to block a democratic calls for new witnesses and documents of president trump's impeachment trial well the vote was decisive the result was expected after retiring GOP senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee said Thursday night he would oppose a call for new witnesses meanwhile Alaska senator Lisa Murkowski the lone holdout announce her No vote yesterday as senators convenient here's more from CBS news White House correspondent Stephen Portnoy got all day Saturday now that these candidates can be out there at their events around the exporters all day what the Sunday morning before the Superbowl which of course everything in America stops and then that Monday morning they'll have to fly back to Washington because at eleven o'clock Monday morning eastern time the four hours of closing arguments will begin again the Senate has rejected a motion to have witnesses testify at president trump impeachment trial it was a fifty one to forty nine vote the Senate adjourned for the weekend and will be returning on Monday with a final vote expected on

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