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Welcome to this episode of the Black Girl Nerds podcast. My name is Jamie and I'm your host. The Oscars are coming up. You guys coming up very soon and we're going to do something a little different in the past pass when we have done Oscar shows. We've done a breakdown of the Academy Awards this year. We're doing a predictions Shows so we're going to run this episode before Sunday night ceremony. And I'm excited to do this prediction show with myself. And I've got an Jelica and Ryan here are wonderful podcasters to give some predictions on Oscar night this Sunday Sunday ladies still all right yeah. Let's go ahead and break this down. So we'll we'll just start from the top right so Oscars twenty twenty best picture. We've got the nominees as Ford versus. Ferrari the Irishman Joe. Joe Rabbit Joker little women marriage story nineteen seventeen once upon a time in Hollywood and parasite now Before we discussed what we predict. I WanNa say what I believe will be the pick but I also want to add the film that I would not to win. Yeah so if you have a film that you want to win you can select that and then the one that you think will in fact when so for me the film that will win best picture are is going to be nineteen seventeen That is a film that has already won best picture by way of the Golden Globes. It won in best picture for the critics choice and it is the favourite right now amongst the Hollywood industry community so nineteen seventeen is the bet amongst everybody for best picture. I really do want parasite to win. I saw parasite I loved it. It is one of the greatest films of twenty nineteen. If you have not seen parasite for are those relisting please go see it. It is just brilliant I just love the metaphor of a socio economic onomic class and welfare and how they use those metaphors into suspense and psychological adjective thriller in this film. And it's just so brilliantly done and I'm not really one for like foreign films. I'm not really that kind kind of you know movie Fan. But parasite blew me away and it is by far one of the best films again of of Twenty nine thousand nine so I hope that people will and myself will be surprised. And that parasite will walk away with best picture but I think probably the likelihood of nineteen seventeen will be the one that will walk away with best picture which I got right. Yep I mean well I mean that's basically how nineteen seventeen. I saw that you know Golden Globes a lot of buzz about that one but yeah I think parasite will be a good look look for the Oscars. There probably won't do it but I think like seeing like the interviews with the cast and stuff like that. I think we'll be something different for them that I'm always pushing for Oscars but yeah. I'm pretty sure they probably going to nine hundred seventy. I agree with my two thousand eighteen at but I want joker to win best picture like how wins Wasco I Want I want joker to win. Best win has not released a superhero. One has a comic won the best picture ever

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