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US, Jim And Chinese Government discussed on Doug Basham

Doug Basham
2 months ago

Chinese Government, White House And Margaret Millar discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
1 d ago


The quarantine for two weeks and US military housing at bases around the country correspondent Jim moved to the latest tally on the epidemic a number of cases now according to the Chinese government has grown to nearly twelve thousand with the death toll climbing to more than two hundred fifty the US has confirmed eight cases with the latest announced Saturday in Massachusetts Friday a case confirmed in California brings the number of cases in the Golden State to three now most of these cases so far our people have traveled to China or their families but the person to person spread of this mysterious upper respiratory viruses no where near understood much less under control the Senate impeachment proceedings resume next week correspondent Terry bold letters in Washington closing arguments in the president's impeachment trial are set to begin Monday morning with house Democrats and the president's defense team each getting two hours a final vote on the articles of impeachment is set for Wednesday afternoon in between senators will be able to take to the Senate floor to speak about the trial during the trial they've been forced to sit in silence Britain has officially left the European Union after nearly five decades.