#149 - Merry Christmas from Zanies! w/ Lucy Sinsheimer and DJ LEWIS! - burst 3

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Juice in big letters says one hundred percents doc shenanigan hundred percent cranberry juice as I was walking up. I read that and I literally scoffed and then when I got closer to it underneath the big letters in smaller letters it says and three other additional juices from concentrate under that small letters with additional ingredient which is absolutely I mean we should really really top. Somebody knows anybody to doubt corporate Yay yet based in Nashville Essay Storm Storm. The alerts doing the lower. I just have a question. What are you drinking? I'm Shakin this is true after dark Mexican style. Chocolate milk drink chocolate dry. Oh it's not even say milk. It isn't a different color. Yeah you spicy. Yeah he fucking goods knock knock your Goddamn head back with Dennis and I don't like chocolate milk. It's true that's good. Yeah no I don't like any meal I'll be with the regular. It's not tricking. Last regular milk's weird already explain fans Lucy gory of a special relationship. which other very much and I think it's in trouble right I I'm just GonNa talk it up up to the fact that you're Jewish? I'm just GonNa about that. It's it really and I've seen an adult man drink it's been it's been coming over that milk allnight it's been hitting that's got special drank drank. That is drying. You may not drive. You think it's where when someone sits there at a restaurant and drinks a glass of if white male bucket serial killer so I went to waffle house recently. I would still do you and your friend and his roommate. WHO's about six seven big dude and he drank three glasses of milk at the waffle house and I was more ads? Yeah definitely will do that. When it's desert time you ask for me? I always estimates the main with desert. Do you judge adults for. Do you know three with

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