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Again I don't need to hear about how bad Devin Coleman's been for my team yeah it is true and the engines the interest level once you're out I mean you're done to my brother deleted this app like which allows you get a full set your line up for you to get in there so anyway having said all of that there are many good matches this week have a good weekend for football and let's let's go back real quick to it to what happened we thirty years I don't people have interest in the can be are leaking and I ask you for a lot of help on starts and sits in in mileages well in the L. O. D. so I was down twelve points going into Monday Night Football I had decay Metcalf and Russell Wilson that was set aside Seahawks hosting the Vikings he had Dalvin cook he was already up twelve double cook and nine points early he ran for a touchdown then I get banged up and like left the ball games that's right in Madison came in the house management urine DKA Metcalf cut a handful balls even fumbled one that Russell Wilson later a couple of great passes the Seahawks come back down score a couple of times when the ball game I end up beating the I was nine and three I was facing another nine and three straight up winner got the bot wow great of winter got the by he's got four losses on the year two of them are to me that what the state was ownership you made me the one CD the and this guy he's been to the playoffs four times his own for every gesture now he's gonna play wild card weekend against the defending three time champ so anyway it's it's it was a fun win for me was going to get a win on on a Monday night little Monday night magic for the I'm thinkin Arby's and I get a bye week but we did discuss like how you start managing your playoff roster beyond the high or into week fourteen you know who I thought about this is driving into work today I'm like you know what because I am Kyler Murray in my super super so my I'm gonna buy receiver like ship came really want to buy and it's would such a wonderful feeling his it just like ugh I I you guys beat the hell out of each other I will kick back into and we have to wait to see who I play totally in the other league which is worth more money and and Morton you knows stature and trash talking all the everything that comes with the big leaguers I am fifth place I am the guy who I lost to last week I'm playing again right renegades game he's fourth place so it's you know we're right back at it I have Russell Wilson who's at the rams which I'm gonna start because he's just enough is Russell Wilson you can yell I can make you put in it yeah Kyler Murray is in my super flex which you can do another quarterback and then I started thinking that Pittsburgh Arizona game it is very interesting because Pittsburgh's plan for a playoff spot right Arizona's not plan for anything it's our explain for a playoff spot and that that Arizona defense is so god awful and dad Devlin Hodges kid I'm just like her duck Hodges they're calling do enjoy pickup duck Hodges and play him over kind of the rumors a playoff game for a so here here's my thought on that is it I said this to you this is this goes back to like week what are we to the project in a service we are as a rule I try to stand by if you're in a tough spot like that yeah play your guys yeah I don't remember early on we talked about there was somebody like the one week I didn't like either very heated and are going off he exploded and I feel like this goes back to a game where you were discussing whether I you're gonna start drew Brees or Kyler Murray in like week to maybe week for I can't remember which lead this was urgent maybe dak Prescott he was exactly the reason you were asking me number of Jack came out on fire listen to Blazin tablets for free no then they lost their next three after that they've actually lost three in a row as we record this on Friday morning December the sixth they don't want to last night by the and the Chicago Bears are going kind of surprising I think they are going to be the that's gonna be a frustrating division crown to see handed out the east anyway you know tested we were talking about like you do you would you would you play that early in the season would you play a match up like that verses plane just drew Brees straight up I said here's the deal if I play dak Prescott than any laser tag interbreed goes off I have a tough time living with myself right I would have time sleeping at night knowing why not just our drew Brees the other side of that is if you start drew Brees anyways an egg and deck Prescott goes off your kind of upset about it but you're not kicking yourself it's hard because you play your guide right right so that that's kind of where I am yeah I drive the calories you drafted him I have been a lot of every week except for one week although he's like it's just it's very it's like last week against the rams rams just kicked the living **** out of point still not much I did get a a rushing touchdown late in the game but I'm just wondering if if playing for something matters that if if the teams that are playing it playing for something matters in the players that you pick up or are grappling between meeting the Steelers are playing for something as soon as the plane yeah but these is that indicative of how well a guy will do though like is that a good match up for him I mean I again you're you're talking about starting a guy who's got how many NFL star who looked okay last week and don't get me wrong like the cardinals are are not a great team but the cardinals are scary team to go play we saw twice with the nine like it's no give me by the way that the Steelers are gonna win that game there's also no give me that would put a Baker or or AT the Chandler Jones around their wreaking havoc on a young quarterback you just don't know so given the option I'm playing calamari because I know what I'm getting at a collar Marie yeah if you like duck Hodges dude and you lose that game and your season's over because Tyler scored twenty he scored eight hello how are you just played for forty waged an animator on the bachelor dodges I can't let you do that your public I'm not even seem like it's a bad player it's a bad match opposes you over think could have another option and do not been over think it might so my body's been texting me nonstop good you get a week to think about this and over how much no no no no no seed and we'll talk about it because I've got wide receiver problems I where I don't know where to go with him and I asked you about a couple of them last week actually divided Parker was the guy to play forget so Jack davanti Jarvis Landry Cooper cop and a half I'm Feelin who still banged up he's looking like he's got to play this weekend you play Cup last week I did play Cooper yeah he got me into drags toes got a little touchdown catch but default to park I do want to talk about him a little bit later because he is there right now in the dolphins period offensively first fits Patrick is put up numbers either Trojan so they're always playing from behind right now devoted Parker's get a whole lot of targets they got another favorable match of this week against the jets little preview and which players at night to keep an eye on my job is far as as far as a plan this week is concerned you do have a playoff game yeah I do a playoff game and it's fifth place on fifth place going up against fourth place of league where I have the super flecks of culinary row Russell Wilson's my starting quarterback Marie's of super fly are you looking in this game and and what are your what are your options for starts and since this week were you dealing with as far as match let's see in that game I have also right now and this is not my official starting lineup but I have a Wilson obviously not going anywhere Calvin Ridley at home against New Orleans Devo okay and then I have both Scarborough Devin single Terry George Kendall Kylie Marie and the jets de that's what I have as of right now right now I don't I don't know who's out there for you we should talk about some of these magic jets and dolphins this is gonna have some fantasy application because of some names we were just talking about yes I am I think a lot of people go out in the eighth if you're gonna play match up a playoff game years definitely looking at a defense matches that's a play you want to go making and maybe roll the dice on a defense I don't like to do it as much on a guy who hasn't been on my roster all year on a guy who's just now that in the starting job in in Pittsburgh what you're talking with devil Hodges might take away on this though is I did this a couple weeks ago I look at my defense has been my starting defense all year and if the Chicago Bears that's not what are their match ups weeks fourteen fifteen and sixteen I'm not playing week fourteen but I tried to get some more favorable matchups I when I added the Dallas defense now last night Thursday night atrocious yeah for them a terrible day that said they do have a couple of decent match ups at the back end of the season so if you're looking at AFC east teams are darkened jets you're talking dolphins these are some teams are not good on defense for the playing some poorly run offenses as well you may pick Austin Donald could stand on a few times but we seem to have game very can pick apart the opposition as well see and I have the jets de and I'm thinking jets at home against the dolphins who basically don't have a running game anymore Hatcher glared former cal bear patcher glared is starting for the dolphins should hope Pat Leahy yeah so it's like and I like Larry resigned use of somebody that's going to do it crap tenet damage on the road in New York I don't feel and I also think that you going with the jets at home I have some faith in the fact they can score some points for me I just the I look at the rest of my line of items in their thinking Damian Williams in James Connor have literally the most of the season yeah I mean most of the seas all that's answering that can you know that right so that's why I've got both Scarborough Devin single Terry but I did pick up Robbie Anderson I'm thinking about starting him I guess my guess Miami yeah I do have Emmanuel Sanders okay add that there at New Orleans we were talking to Dante Whitner hit near today about you know the the saints you know lack of skill in the defensive secondary so there's that there's devote do I do Devo or do I do Sanders right for the Niners yeah you figure what you're hoping that one of them is gonna see a high volume of targets in high volume receptions so you've got I mean when you've got multiple guys on offense that's a tough thing to deal with president George cattle too right you're looking.

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