AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT Review: Navi Attacks the Mainstream


Sebastian. You are in benchmarking central for pc per you have bled on the Rx five fifty the the latest amd Radian you titled the Article Navy Attacks. The mainstream I feel like this hints that this is an affordable card. This is this is basically their replacement for that price. Point that we've been used to from them that sort of two hundred dollar range part from the RX. Four four eighty two the five eighty. And we've been for a while now we've gotten used to seeing there are x five ninety selling it around that two hundred dollars price point and here's another another card. That's two hundred dollars for a desktop. She pugh targeting ten eighty performance for an ache by version. But they're also offering a four gigabyte goodbye version. Basically you know if you're targeting ten eighty p you don't necessarily need all that extra video memory depending on what you're doing what game you're playing. So then they have have this cheaper variant which is only one sixty nine and it pretty much goes head to head against the GTS sixteen fifty super though that card is ten dollars cheaper. So that's that's the back story for this launch invidia obviously knew this was coming. AMD had released east to OEM's this radio Rx fifty five hundred product. It turned out that was indeed an OEM only product. They'd said something about it coming desktop in in December on the reverse briefed about it. Well here it is and the desktop version is actually called the Rx fifty five hundred x t and and when I first heard that and thinking oh so this is what are the specs. What what is this What what differentiates this from the OEM version and really? It's just clock speeds. The X T is faster astor. It's it's the same. GP It's the new Navy fourteen right not to be confused with fourteen nanometer seven nanometer part. It's still the new. RDA The architecture. We just got navy. Ten or navy ten I that was with the our expertise seven hundred series and now we have fourteen and this is the same chip using for their fifty five hundred mobile parts. Like what we find the new macbook pro sixteen that we talk about every week. It seems and so. It's twenty to compute units. Fourteen hundred eight shakers eighty-eight texture units and thirty two rops and it's using really fast. Gdr Six memory. This is served fourteen gigabit per second memory and like I said a four gigabyte and an eight gigabyte version are going to be available available. In fact they are available. I was sent by. AMD was partner card so this is a partner only launch companies like X. FX and Sapphire esus and and the rest are going to have their own products for these amd doesn't have their own reference card that was kind of the oem only market for those so we got at this nice nitro pulse card from Sapphire which is one of those dual fan aftermarket cards and I ran it through some benchmarks benchmarks at ten. Eighty P using high settings to to see how it compared against others like sub two hundred and fifty dollar cards. And if you look at the performance numbers it's basically it loses to the Rx five ninety in most of the tests by a very small margin and it's faster then the GTS sixteen fifty super by a small margin so it's right in between clean those two

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