Knife rampage at rabbi's home was domestic terrorism, New York governor says


The attack in Rockland county in Muncie a knife wielding attack at a Hanukkah celebration being held at the home of a rabbi the attack left five people injured and a suspect in custody thirty seven year old Grafton Thomas said nothing as he appeared in court to face five charges of attempted murder and what of burglary Thomas allegedly the man with the scarf around his face who forced his way into a rabbi's home in Muncie and stabbed five people during a wild rampage Joseph Gluck was there thirty one so they don't have a few people there then he went to the kitchen is there's one guy there and then he came back to the US was arrested in Harlem after being praised by his license plate bail is now set of five million dollars ram a brochure of Louis Falco nobody thinks it can happen in your hometown nobody thinks it can happened in your home county or your city or people it happened and it happened here Roger stern ten ten wins in Muncie wins news time one twenty three reaction pouring into what happened in Muncie governor Cuomo today at a news conference calling this an act of domestic terrorism what's happening is this nation's diversity which is our greatest strength is turning into a weakness once you demonized differences you attacked the very fabric and culture of this country governor went on to say he's proposing a new domestic terrorism law for the state adding that this hatred is in his words an American cancer wins news time one twenty four this attack in Rockland county comes in the wake of several anti semitic attacks here in the city eight of them over the past week alone the guardian angels announcing they will begin patrolling Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn after the leaders of the Lubavitch Hasidic movement asked for his groups help ten ten when spoke with the founder of the guardian angels Curtis Lee what angel said that their reputation in New York City for the past forty years of coming the people of all different backgrounds when they industry each we did it in crown heights during the riots on August nineteenth of nineteen ninety one and was there for three months round the clock you please return to the streets in December of nineteen ninety one and we're prepared to do it again the guardian angels patrols have started in the crown heights neighborhood and have expanded to Williamsburg and barrel

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