What exactly is a river?

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Listening Elliott would like to know the definition of a river now. I watched a youtube video recently about this about what. The world's shortest shortest river was and the idea was that there was one place where it was a like a spring that emerges and then there's like about fifty yards it's of concrete between it in a river and then flows into the river and the argument was this is the shortest river. It starts here at the spring and it flows out and then it ends up merging with this other river her then there was another example of somewhere else in the world where there are two lakes and there was a connector between them. The water flowed from one lake into the other and that was a river that flowed between between these two bodies of water. Do you have any thoughts about what what what makes a river with depth length. Anything else that it might make something a river versus the old creek or stream. I saw that video to and does get it had definition in it which just like whatever the the cartographers definition about where it has to flow from into. But I'm just going to say it has to be some water that flows in more or less uniform direction in a skinny thing not gonna go into manmade versus. Not because I feel like if you if you dig something and it's manmade but water keeps flowing there for many many years. I mean you made a river you can. You can make a river a lake. Why can't you make a river right? Like if you dig that thing and water keeps flowing on it and then hume's become extinct and five billion years later stuff still flowing like a river it was may may it's like it's a river so the length thing though. There is a minimum length like you can't just take two uber. Bodies have ordered that are separated by one. Millimeter breakdown that one. Millimeter thing and say this is one millimeter distancing. That's a river it's like no you've just you've literally just connected to things. There is nothing in between you have to separate them by a certain amount now. What does that amount is five feet two feet? I feel like we all moralize no most of the time. Things don't get names unless they are considered significant out got to be river this whole competition for shortest rivers causing people to name things in silly ways. If it's like three inches not say this is the World Charles. Wherever that competition for short will make you name things that are not rivers to call reverse verse? That's just ridiculous like you can name give it a name or whatever but if it's like a one inch long it's not a river at all so you need some water flowing flowing through thing that I feel like has to be. I'M NOT GONNA say thinner than it is long. But it should be recognizable as a thing that stuff flows goes down And I think a lot of the things I video probably too short to be over but I think you see it could be something that you could you know. It's the the minimum like shorter than you might think especially given the with if you really want to name something. That's twenty yards long a river. Fine because you might need to have the name for that thing because you might have one body of water another body water. What do you call the thing in? Between does it belong to the left body of water the right body or if it's long enough to be significant it should have a name and you could call it a river You could get into streaming creek and all sorts of stuff like that but I feel like you know river I'm GonNa say it's generic term like dish but it is is in discussions like this especially with the shortest one. I I don't I don't think it's productive to decide whether you're going gonNA call it a creek or stream or creek. Or whatever the other various synonyms are. We're all just saying. Is this a body of water worthy of being named all right I mean I I I think this is like it's however you wanted to find it. There are things that don't look like rivers but if you trace it back it turns is at this leads into a body of water. It ends up becoming the Mississippi River. You can jump over the Mississippi River in Minnesota at the source of it because it's tiny but it becomes the Mississippi the sippy river. It's the Mississippi River and it's it's very much like how do you want to set the definitions Geography is similar to like Strana me where it's like. What's planet well? Some group could define it in some way. But there's sort of like common use and it's very different. Yeah exactly for for professionals. There has to be a hard best definition like for matmaker and stuff like that but for regular people. They don't have to know about that definition when they're discussing rivers in in general that it's it's enough to I feel like there's this is one of those not probably not a lot of debate other than the shortest river people because we most people sort of know the Monday see them at only if you're in the Profession Ashen do you start drawing those fine distinctions and holding too. I do laugh my mom lives in Arizona and we often drive over a bridge over dirt. Sort that is the Gila River and it makes me laugh every time but the fact is in the there is a wet season. They're very briefly. And if there's a monsoon or a big rainstorm or something like that you know it will water will flow underneath that thing. But and they they call it a river even though for a large portion of the year there's no water in it but water flows through there in that direction and when it does. That's that's the Yellow River and sounds to me like you're driving over the Gila river bed for the area. Most of the year. It is a place where waiting for a river. It will get here eventually. It's not here right eight now. It's a riverbed it is. It is in the river is sleeping somewhere else for the moment. I don't know about the La River though about the Riverland Terminator. Two I guess yeah. Yeah and that's that is a river that they ended up putting concrete on and and guiding where it goes and you could call it something else but it was historically a river and it's still basically also very also dry out of the time if movies for sure believed absolutely also there's underground rivers but I don't even WanNa get talk talk about that. 'cause I don't even know what that is underground railroad but a little bit different. I think it's a lot different but okay.

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