Mitt Romney catches backlash for impeachment vote

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There were two articles of impeachment against the president abuse of power and obstruction of Congress related to a July phone call with the president of Ukraine and which president trump press the Ukrainian leader to investigate former vice president Joe Biden Democrats allege that trump withheld approved military aid to Ukraine as leverage for his own political gain then with help witnesses and evidence and later investigations president trump denied any wrongdoing well some of his Republican supporters agreed with Democrats that with the president did was wrong but said it didn't merit removal from office and yesterday he was acquitted on both counts of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress only one Republican this internet rami of Utah voting to convict the president for abuse of power here with us as we wait for the president's reaction and pure white has reporter I used to Roscoe Hey you show hello and NPR congressional correspondent Kelsey snow hi Kelsea hi there and I usually start with you Bill Clinton as we know apologized after he was acquitted he apologized to the country for and he said putting everyone through the process that is not expected today no not not at all in in the president did speak this morning at the national prayer breakfast and he talked about this and it may be given a preview of what he might say he talked about what the country have been put through a terrible ordeal by some quote very dishonest and corrupt people and he also said something to the effect of when they impeach you for nothing then he was saying are you supposed to like them basically but he's saying that he's impeached he was impeached for nothing so he's not acknowledging any wrongdoing on his part at all or or is that what the idea that he did anything and inappropriate he is not saying that Kelsey as I Asia said the president had a somewhat somber but jovial tone as well as that at this prayer breakfast as he said he was put through a terrible ordeal I'm in in many ways some folks are saying he kind of was refraining what happens that Republicans who voted to acquit they were not necessarily all of them doing that and saying that he was necessarily vindicated do you think we will see more of this tone in today's remarks well I mean we definitely expect that the president will continue this if he was feeling that way at a prayer breakfast which is typically a bi partisan non political events this event that he has more or less that called for the sick sole purpose of being political and partisan we expected to gold quite a bit further well you know his supporters might say he has every right he's very angry he feels he was unjustly put through this and we got another sense of the tone last night when the president retweeted a video denigrating Mitt Romney as we said that Romney was the only Republican to also vote for convicting the president on this video you know it's very insulting it calls him in a secret asset for Democrats and then president trump's son Donald Trump junior tweeted out a picture of that Romney in loose jeans it's called mom jeans and it has the P. word on it this vulgar slow for women that his father also used in the access Hollywood tape so I you know I Usha I'm just warning do you think we'll hear any of that kind of scorched language against Mitt Romney today I wouldn't think that scorched we as the president at some of his rallies he they do get he may get a bit raunchy but not I didn't I didn't mean there aren't you hardly you don't need royally because way in yeah I they yeah I think rami absolutely I I you can never say a hundred percent but I would be very surprised if he didn't at least make some type of a remark related to rhyme even if he doesn't name him when you look at the president's Twitter feed which is the way that we can look at and kind of get a sense of what he may be feeling when you look at what he tweeted after his acquittal you didn't get a lot of her rate I'm the best I'm the greatest but you did get like you pointed out that tweet about Romney and then you got another tweet this morning about if Romney had done more against former president Obama when he was running against him maybe he would have been president if you went after a bomb of the way he went after me so it does seem like this is very much at the the front of the president's mind right now the fact that Romney voted against them now Kelsey I you cover Congress I'm I mean do you think that Romney will get any credit for his vote from any Republicans the Republicans I talked to extensively yesterday more or less said that they were aware that out of senator on these feelings that they they weren't they knew that he would likely go a different way and none of them that I spoke to were really interested in holding it against him particularly it was very interesting talking to some of the folks in leadership who said that this was a vote about each individual conscience in each individual's beliefs and that there would be no holding it against him I sent a Tory leader Mitch McConnell did a press conference and he was asked repeatedly if Romney would be in the dog house or if there were any repercussions and he said that in the Senate the most important vote is your next vote and that he works well with Romney and he expects that he will continue to be a valuable valuable member of the Republican

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