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Really like a comfortable. Most people come with the idea. Okay you're going to serve me. I am the king. I'm collector either. America okay I I'm your client so I am the king in. They're in for fast. People have to understand and I sell view or selfish you. I am the Kinga you need me and I am I. Am You're star. Yes you're like my says isn't yeah I will feed you want have you because I am taking on Roy sell if you go to. For example they treat the white job bad and they really mean is. That's one thing I think. Six and boy come in with like football boy with hot telling them like. Hey come on you know. What if the waiter goes to the owner and complain or the manager Dick and say to the client food? They look calm for to get the fuck out. Exective get the puck out. Kick them out and the waiter on fast is his. Dignity is not about the status. The people think they're passionate about they love it. Even the concierge the sweeper the cleaner sick part hod of their work Americans honestly or no they hate US honestly they don- they don't they. Don't they hate the attitude of the people people that not because all my client or my pants that more sophisticated minded from America. They're like very compassionate and beautiful and really real people they got. That sheds injury that people. I saw that everybody. Yeah if you come with attitude attitude like I respect you whatever you do right it. Just respect and America's also expect everybody to speak English and they don't don't try. If you say Bushel GonNa love you was hello. Hey Hey guy. Hey come on. You're going to kick you out but we don't kick them out when they come here and they don't speak English that's true we don't kick them out. It's we don't know people don't know friends so I go into super the taxis. They're torture they don't want to say one word in English even when they speak English which is crazy. They don't WanNA help at all. They WanNa make it difficult there. It's very weird religiously. It's not like that at all because I am fine. Sure don't interred Sheila Dubai feel because I am fine. I mean my home so if you tell me this I'll I'll take it but I know how they speak to people there. What did you think about Americans think that I think that they want everybody to understand their language? And send and specially. They don't like the way if you're in service when you're to us you go to to be serviced. How they treat people like and they think they are powerful? They have money so it can treat you like your Amer Emma food. Yeah what's your favorite restaurant in France. My all my God mine is show me

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