Twitter, Senate And Greg Claxton discussed on NorCal Auto Talk


Preparing for a trial in the Republican controlled Senate Mr trump is even demanding it on Twitter he wrote if you were going to impeach me do it now fast so we can have a fair trial in the Senate and so that our country can get back to business Greg Claxton the White House three Senate committee chairmen are seeking more information about Ukraine's alleged role in assisting the Clinton campaign in twenty sixteen senators Ron Johnson Lindsey Graham and Charles Grassley have requested an interview with former DNC contractor Alexandra chalupa the responding to a politico reported cents chalupa sought and received information from the Ukrainian embassy that was used to assist the Clinton campaign and damage then candidate Donald Trump senator Gramm disagrees with Democrats and many in the media who insist the connection between the Clinton campaign and Ukraine has been debunked in his words it is yet to be determined by the report a top Republican ally of president Donald Trump is calling for Saudi Arabia to be suspended from an American military training program that call comes after a student pilot from the king them shot and killed three

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