Weekend Racing Preview - Pakenham


Get started where we always Josie track report. He's focusing on Paknum. Is that Roger Riot true good for for their cap. Mating expecting nightline around saw should be beautiful conditions. A little bit of wind. Fifteen to twenty five says Wesley. So it'll be in their faces in the strike but look twenty-five Kaiser that track is very exposed so you can be partial to a lot of wind but only twenty five. You'll have too much impact but if it does it'll be in a headwind in the strike. Usually we always speak abaout back. Nakas Nakas really. Low percentage apply but they even packing him a little bit. You can swing moored such a long strike. Get your opportunities. So I expect to play fairly daily but not as big a disadvantage being off the spade was a couple of other tracks like awful prices. spayed it's not such a big disadvantage banging packing on the the soft six a drawing soft six. We hope can help these conditions move on the worst of that five and the troops truce off six just going to have have to say this race play. These track plays. I think it's in that because they've obviously had to irrigate heavily throughout the WACO. I just can't imagine come rice my warning that track. He's a fix it from the way that we've got coming up. So this is one of those guys. Josie we talk about it. You can get the older. One is my wife until the day before. Let's apply on the die in. Let's have good advice there are. We have pointed caveat here we're going to cover off plenty of rice from packing them and then we're going to have the group stop. Where else would we stop the sports bed packing them? Cop shows you might not be the the greatest of fields but there is definitely a winner here to be fan and the boys duvall on sacred buys is your fiber to two dollars. Forty five Chapada at six dollars ca calves off at seven dollars credence seven fifty nine dollars. Fifty Midterm Return Twelve Bucks back then the bottom the big awards strapping. Who they're at the doors Josie the Matt Pretty Canaan Valiquette Alec Is? Let's be honest does Ram trucks. y'All want me having a sin south probably get up there. I'm I absolutely the Rondo full with James Locks to go forward meet term probably lost two weeks ago with a capital loss whenever it was to actually go run away to go forward guys horses and usually put some genuine Tampa sacred wise and Chapada. They've got sticky guides. It'd just be interesting. I think Chapada probably goes back sacred on the seven day backup. Wouldn't be surprised if they beat. The bullet sort of went forward and try to find a spot of us even want to be posted. Three Ward Dare nightside with no Kebab imortant just carry much just bought the bulletin go forward and if it does find a spot I think it is the winner or I have marked opted to thirty four. I think the price is pretty good at the moment tales. Forty five dollars fifty. You can get. I think he's got to be Mardi heart debate. I think he's just the raw vine form fourth up here. He's on the quake seven dieback which we love. We ask dying offices. He's very good at many valley. It was only moderate Tampa but hyman about eleven on last week which is pretty good for the die. He's got twenty four hundred meter win at core field backing April and that was in good time ran a terrible light section. But it doesn't matter if you're on like section. It's terrible if you live in front who absolutely ks not may not getting that I am with sacred I I think he's perfectly placed. Twenty five hundred meters. No concern has one of the twenty four caufield teamwork. And he's a really good bit very good Josie and instead you have to give this pushes is wow. You're be very keen on cigarettes yell at the process of live nation. When you look at the field what invading? He tends to pick himself. Lock the backup as well as three eight nine cava facing the braves. It was a solid test to bait rupture who ran quite well in Bendigo Cup on dog running that Benny. CK kept backing behind. Him Wasn't too far beyond him. Control on through that the cows off he loomed to win but then didn't unquote run an ad. It at Ballarat Ballarat sports bit Beller at Cup. So more question Maki's a strong two thousand five hundred for Loyd cows off at that value. He was fourth close. But I can't seem running strong twenty-five and Beta sake replies if you look carry and you're running the best in the rice with the lack of speed I think across in use it and then lock and load after the first four hundred Maracaibo is interesting drawn. Lie He can roll. Fold and hold a Pasi Savvy Oak just court shaw with him but I think Chapada is the is the binding and the reason for that. He's got attach a class in a little bit of expecter about him and I'll side is because he still a young horse trying to form. These Weinstein ranks third against the autumn Sun a group living in Sydney and and then the southern France. He wasn't far off at seven France. who was you know some form of Melbourne Cup? Chance going into that Mobile Cup this year. So he's drawing awkward could but he's got fifty five and a half if he can find tile and get some Cabot Chapada up. Capitalism is a danger to sacred on the backups differently. The debate Vandeweghe because he can in sty. He'll run the two thousand five hundred and he's drawing low and you'll get a soft around. I think the full wakes fresh. He's the value so I'm gonNA clued in time. Rice moldy a little bit lighter. We'll talk to that right. A choice they josie just very quickly. You spoke about the Quick Seven Day backup has backed up. Before Sake reply back it was twelve hundred boy. Mouse Madrid renforce. Enforce was twenty to one side nine on the quick seven day. Backup

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