Uber: 3,000 sexual assaults reported in U.S. rides in 2018

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We're NBC. News exclusive tonight on ridesharing giant Uber. After years of being dogged by safety concerns and sexual assault assault allegations against some of the drivers. The company is going public here tonight with what it calls a comprehensive report addressing those concerns in vowing new action. Here's Stephanie Uber. Up ended how we get from point A. TO POINT B. But as the rideshare company has grown so to have accounts slaked this. I was basically taken for two and a half hours in an uber. Car with the next day had defensive wounds I told my mom and my sister and they were just like no that sexual assault tonight. For the first time UBER is publicly releasing its own data on sexual assaults over the course of twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen. The company received nearly six thousand reports of incidents during or after Uber Rides ranging from groping to rape roughly four reported rapes every every week one in every five million rides. That's a hard number but I'm not surprised and I'm not surprised because sexual. Violence is just much more pervasive in in society than I think most people realize Tony. West is Uber's chief legal officer spearheading. This study released today together with input from sexual violence. Land's advocate I was surprised to read that about half of the victims are riders and the other half are driver right and so this is not just a one sided problem. We have to keep in mind that both drivers and riders victims according to the study. Uber's aware of law enforcement involvement in thirty seven percent of the reported reported rape cases. That number seems Kinda low to me just thirty seven percent. I'll tell you one of the facts about sexual assault is that it is a very underreported. Offense Uber shouldn't make that choice for survivors survivors should make that choice for themselves. It also opens up the possibility that Uber is aware of someone someone who potentially raped someone else. WHO's out in the public without involving law enforcement as someone who is a former law enforcement official chill? I understand the tension. We have lots of information about an incident that we will share with law enforcement if we get the consent of the victim Uber Study reveals that more than forty thousand drivers were banned in the US and the last two years as part of continuous background checks for a variety of reasons including sexual misconduct. Conduct Uber announcing tonight. They plan to share those names with other rideshare companies. What do you hope to show what these numbers over the years? We hope to see see and hope to learn a number of things I think i. We want to raise awareness. Other thing we want to show is that we're developing best practices among new safety features. Uber is adding the ability to text nine. One one from the APP unique pin codes for rides and on trip reporting were there ever any internal conversations stations where people said. This could hurt our business. These numbers sure sure there were. It was hard but it's important for us to push through do that. Discomfort and to talk about these issues and Uber couldn't simply ignore what was happening on its platform and most importantly we have to address it Stephanie. I know this study addresses issues beyond the sexual assault safety. What else look at the world fatalities as well Lester? They found one hundred seven deaths because of crashes over this two year period according to their own comparison. They also tell us that they're going to do a study. Just like this every two years to compare the

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