Birds of Prey


And the fantabulous emancipation of one Harley. Quinn starring starring Margot Robbie Mary Elizabeth Winstead Journey smollet Bell. Rosie Perez Chris. Messina L. A. J. Basco Ali Wong and you and McGregor directed by Kathy. Do you know who I am. They call me Arnie. Coast of now playing and Stewart and this is the asshole. No one likes Jacob Jacob Harley Quinn two point Oh are you guys excited first of all I need to know. Let's relitigate the ghost recommends past rewinding. It's two thousand sixteen and I'm calling suicide squad the worst movie in the DC cannon. I stand by that actually. Even now I re watched it and you guys said No. It's good enough. Yes still good enough really. It's recommend maybe I haven't gone back and watched it just because I recommend something doesn't mean I sit around and watch it annually. I get it it was an okay action film. Pass the time like if you're into action movies. I think it's one that you'll be alright with and I. I liked it so much that I bought it with the director's cut digitally because I couldn't even wait for the physical disks to see the added footage. I decorated rated my office with Margot Robbie Harlequin statues. How many statues avert well? I've been selling them. Oh Okay Okay I see if anybody wants Marley check out my Ebay store for listening to this show. We're done that's the recommend recommend identity here. Well it's actually more of a space concern than it is. You know it's like I don't have a place literally in my house for a DC collection action. But I started one right after suicide squad and I ended right about Justice League. All it took for me to decide you know. I don't think I leave that hot toys batmobile after all. Here's the thing and Arnie. Maybe you can comment because you re watch that director's cut but stuart you're saying that was twenty. Sixteen suicide squad came out because this Harley Quinn feels like it's been around twenty years and I'm just done with it. I don't know if she's ramped up her voice for birds of prey but every trailer I saw with with Margot Robbie doing this. I'm like I don't want this. You know it's always been true. I'm not going to just put it on now but I think it's particularly true in this day and age of things going viral role. Is it burns hot. And then nobody wanted. I look at other things going on. In Two thousand sixteen. Is anyone still doing. The Mannequin. Challenge that when gabbing having was a thing to be doing any challenges eating tide pods are like I feel like all of that was a couple years ago. Like maybe she's just a thing that had her moment in that moment has passed and unfortunately it took them for years and Margot Robbie specifically to pull together this spin off. Our people still wearing daddy's these little monster shirts at comic cons is she still one of the big costs playing characters. Yes yes yes every con. I go to a thousand Harlequins League wins and that could also be why she doesn't leave remember even small cons. I go to have Harley Quinn's literally from age ten to age seventy I have. I've seen elderly people in Daddy's little monster teas are disturbed by the bell curve on that on either end seventy two young too old for Harlequin so so it does not feel that long ago but yet the DC extended universe does feel mostly done Shas. AM couldn't get Henry cavill show up for a day to do that. lunchroom scene joker not in the D. C. extended universe after aquaman which I don't think any of US liked and specifically specifically justice league feels like that idea has gone away and they're doing more standalone films but this is definitely I mean everything in suicide squad is referenced is happening here. Oh Yeah suicide squad on my mind trying to figure out the continuity in the timeline of this movie I was wondering where this one fell. They'll make it clear but like Robert Patterson's Batman GonNa be in the DC EU like. He's keeps talking about how dark and gritty that one's GonNa which fits Snyder's earlier films. Yeah I think what has happened and is that. DC has founded splitting in that time like they thought that the double whammy of putting out Batman versus Superman and suicide squad odd at the beginning and end of that summer was going to be their universe and none of that seems to have taken and all the things that are hits are the wonder woman's the the Aqua Man's and Joaquin am Zam. I feel like you're actually doing quite well financially. I mean yeah. It didn't work and now they're trying to find one offs the do. Here's what I'll say about the Robert Patents and things specifically the penguin was supposed to debut in this movie but they decided to save him as reveal for the Robert Patents and Batman movie so it is connected even though athletic showed up in the first suicide squad. We're GONNA have a different Batman either that or they just didn't want the penguin in both and have two different versions of Penguin. I wonder how tightly connected it will be. Yeah we'll know when the joker finally shows up in this universe if there's going to try to let Leto back because he's not here no I don't think he'll ever get back. I just picture him very petulant. That walking Phoenix has an Oscar. He's like well. I MORE OR B S. Then GonNa make a mortar bs joke and look I just picture his character and my so called life just rooting and silent and whine about what happened to joker without him and cow. He did not return for this but they're still talking. I don't know why I don't want it but they're still talking about an Ezra Miller flash movie too and I mean there's a date it's next summer really you know. We're talking about the ideas that they have for DC. Let's talk about all the ideas. They have for birds of prey. I property I did not know. And so Jacob if you could tell me who are birds of prey somewhere in the nineties. If you've listened listen to earning. I reviewed the killing joke on books and Nachos that Allen More Batman comic you know the Joker shows up at Barbara Gordon who is back girl shows up a better place shoots her and so when she got incorporated back into the DC universe. Well we have this person who's paralyzed from the waist down. Where we can do with her? She becomes like a mastermind hacker called Oracle and starts to put together a team. So this is like you're a girl. DC team with backrow. But she's not really back real now. She's paralyzed allies but she recruits black. Mary eventually like hunters comes on. It's kind of been a rotating cast of female characters every once in a while they'll have a male character. There's the team up Hawkin doc in dove. We're wants a guy wants a girl so they had to include him but usually it's a female center team in Gotham doing that superhero thing. I'm a little confused you said. Hawk and Dove Does D. D. C.. Actually have a hawk man and another character named Hawk. They have a hawk man hot girl and a hawk and dove at a black canary. There's probably a lot more bird runs if I thought about it and it sounds like they actually followed this kind of closely for this. TV pilot. That I watched that there was a show on. WB anyone remember number of that. Yeah I re- I never watched this but I remember. How long was this on a season? You know two thousand to two thousand three. I think I was really into it. Because I was loving Smallville I thought that show was really solid. I liked the LAX Clark dynamic that they built in their thought. Michael Rosenbaum was really good. Would I really enjoyed that show. And so when they were heavily advertising birds of prey. I'm like jazzed. I'd heard about the comics. I've never read a lot of DC comics but I was really excited and then I turned it on. Does anyone remember the syndicated superhero. Show night. Man Oh yeah that was was to me the barometer for the worst awfulest I mean. It's a Bible man. I'll admit better than Williams. Okay and this birds of prey on. Wb had night man leg special effects. And it's supposed to be taking place I think Tim Burton's Gotham the city or they just couldn't afford lights can't decide which yeah I watched some of Actually lose interest when Erin Paul's out his first gig before breaking bad is he's going to be this lazy boyfriend of Dinah Lance who just showed up in Gotham and he's like the guy that's sidling up to her oh so he he's not like Superhero. Oh character he's just a boyfriend no no he's kicked away by huntress. Who is doing a lot of wire work? It looked a lot to me. Like all of those syndicated TV show like highlander and Hercules. Like there's all that cheesy quality to all those ninety shows felt like that it did but yet I've watched XENA and Hercules a few episodes of each because Bruce Campbell was there and does they didn't try to do more than their budget. They didn't have a whole lot of budget but they didn't try. I to do sweeping camera moves down skyscrapers and things that this tried to do and superhuman powers that they couldn't afford put on screen so this fell Freddy's nightmares level of production value. Just out of curiosity. Who was the team in in that? Show it it was huntress Oracle and then Dina who was described as a young runaway. So they didn't call her blackberry and the show did open with joker. You're killing bat. Girl so shooting are yeah right and also they did go there. Yeah they did what you described and yes she read outfitted did as this new team. It also boasts the first live action Harley. Quinn played by Ferris. Buehler's Day off Mia Sara was. was that her. Yeah Oh wow. We're going to be discussing her this summer in legend. Yeah she's a bad guy in it right because this is something new for this movie is incorporating people bowl that are more on the villainous side into this team. I know they did it. In some DC comics. I mean I think as early 2017 they started a birds of prey right comic with Harley Quinn or Harlequin and the birds of prey things like that. Yes that's right. They did because Harley. Quinn was hot and they you know. It's kind of like why they put Wolverine in every comic book at Harley Quinn and a comic book it's going to sell more copies but we'll talk about as you're getting to surprise back girl does show up it away in this one really. It's not Oracle. But she's here okay. I probably missed a lot of Easter eggs. Going on this show flies by real quick but this movie has a long production history. Did either of you notice. Robbie is listed as the producer of this. Yeah that's the one thing I knew about this movie. It happened because she was is really pushing quite a few projects he was trying to become a star. You know and the way to get the best movie for yourself made to form a production company and make it yourself. That's the onus to anyone out there if you're hoping that all the producers when you become an it girl are going to make it happen for you. That goes away very very quick. You have to come up with your own projects objects and I know this was important. Her she wanted to see the spin off happen R. rated action movie with her. In the late she came up with the idea while filming suicide squad watch. She pitched it to DC. She said she wasn't ready to stop. Playing Harlequin there were so much yet to be discovered and explored and there weren't any all-girl girl action films. Remember this was before wonder woman solo film by a few months and so she wanted to see kick ass women. onscreen pitched it as as an r rated girl. Gang film she says Harley can never have a solo film Harley needs friends she has to interact with people she never wants to. Do you a standalone Harley Quinn film but she wants to do this and she thought it was important to have a female director and that's why we get Jawan Gann who want a lottery I mean how does she get. This kid has a sundance winning film. For Best Ensemble. I guess they get very specific words. That Sundance called dead pigs which cannot be found. I looked everywhere I wanted to because the trailer looks really good. All the the reviews I read. Were pretty good. I was willing to buy an actual physical copy on Amazon not there. Can I stream it nowhere. Okay let's go to the dark side. I went to torn sites. I I put like six condoms on my computer because the porn sites into real dog. I couldn't find it anywhere. It's in some distributors cabinet locked up but I don't know why so you wouldn't get this out right now when people are talking about this film and the director. I think the heartbreak for any independent filmmakers. You think oh I get in Sundance and they even give me a little prize and this. This is a path towards something. My movies going to be seen the story for most of those films. They don't actually get distribution that in fact somebody buys them but maybe that company any folds or you know they lose interest. They don't actually have the money to do what they promised. And your little darling never seen by the world and that appears here's to be what happened to dead pigs. You Think Warner brothers themselves will want to come in here and just buy it and put it out as part of promotion of birds of prey because it looks..

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