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Lights, camera, Oscars: Meet the creators decolonizing Hollywood



I'm Rosanna the dear child. Talking all about rewriting Hollywood's image of indigenous people from the inside and five indigenous. Writers Comics are doing just us that working on a brand new Sitcom for NBC. Called Rutherford falls unreserved producers. Tenant met up with them on the paramount studio lots in La just outside the writer's room where things can get a little silly job Tassell fulltime job. My name is Janisch meeting. I'M MITOCHONDRIA LAKOTA. And I'm a staff writer rather vol's my name's bobby. Wilson I'm secede secede Awan Awan Dakota and I think a little bit of White House staff writer Donahue. My name is Tania as Chavez. I am a citizen. If the Bishop how you tribe molly member one tribe relations are I am Navajo Pie in San Carlo Patchy achieve and I am the story editor on the jets. My name is Tyler Claire. I am Mohawk and mic-mac from from going to walk in Quebec and a staff writer on the show it's pretty great. AFC or analysis Hanish land nearby Cheektowaga Additionally my name is Sierra Teller Analysis I'm member of the Navajo Nation. I'm born of edgewater people in for the Mexican people and I'm also The Cook Creator of Rutherford Falls. I created the show with Ed Helms and Mike sure who both worked on the office in my created partner in Brooklyn I nine and the good place and so we've been working on this developing this idea for about a year and a half now. The show runner is really sort of like the boss. But they're also a conduit between in the producers and the other CO creators and the studio and the network and then also the writers so there's kind of jack-of-all-trades sort of shortstop position. I'm going to say that. This is the first native show runner in America and I would say this is the first TV show that has this many stuff writers and writers that Arnie if I could be wrong but I won't back down. Toss it would be my hype woman. The most basic question to start with what is referred falls. What is it about we such a hard time explaining what the show is? But it's awesome so like definitely spy side in there. I'm not it's all about the town of other falls which is this tiny town in upstate. New York that is adjacent to a native reservation and the town is sort of turned upside down own when there's talk of moving statue that commemorates the founder of the town. This Guy Lawrence Weatherford. And the last Rutherford to live in the town is this Guy Nathan in played by Ed Helms Nathan Rutherford and he just loses his mind over it. And because you sort of can't let go. It causes all these other dust ups in the town including his friendship. unshipped with Scroll Regan. Who is native American one of the things? I think that I love about Mike. Sure shows is that he sets out to really try to say something big in a super funny super assessable way talking about the bureaucracy of government with parks and REC or talking about like. What does it mean to be a good person with a good place and I were two picture shows? People be like what the hell are you talking new out but he has a way of sort of condensing and making it funny and making accessible way that I really enjoy and so I think we're talking a lot about like what are first stories. What does the American narrative? How does that American narrative affect all of us? And I think we've found a way to sort of make funny interesting version of that so for people who can't see where we are. Could you describe have a where we are. We're in a fort on an ancient Hollywood burial ground. There's a couple of Indians in there. I think Joey Ramone Well look at his heir where paramount pictures studio. So it actually is one of the oldest Hollywood studios you on point Bobby. This is the old blue studios which is on bay. Does your Anez and Lucille Ball. It's unoccupied territory and its content. It is one thousand percent haunted. We're surrounded by a lot of videos and so you get to walk past them on your way the office and like look in and see people making TV and movies. It's pretty wild everyday that I come here. I'm like holy. I can't believe this is my life. That's what I say. Every day we'll settle into the office very quickly very very quickly. Bobby put up artwork mark. We got rugs pillows. They got native real quick. Colonial settlers. We settled settled. It's actually one of the nicest writers rooms we've I've ever worked in. They usually look like these like really Friday sad dorms. It's preach ikya plants Manson furniture and blankets. It's nice so many gods so much I was a kid and I would go to my white friends houses they all have pantries ebbs and like French necks and lunch ables caprice and I didn't have that and so this kitchen I feel like is amazing. We are the rich kids now day one we were so like. Yeah if we'd have water beat the great shirts. Gosh I'd love to chat with you about how you work together. What is a day of work? Look like are you making each other laugh Just watched the movie black cloud. It's like that daddy issues. A lot of fights. There's one wall that we we can all punch his. I'm getting a lot of straight answers from the corner here. And it's a pretty traditional writer's room we blue sky and then we just go through and sit on a couch together and talk about the things that have happened in our lives. And that's what's look great but having so many native writers as I feel like being the only native right on a show and ask you a question you have to represent then everybody and what's so great here. I don't have the answer. There's a good chance one of the other writers we'll have it other native writers and that's so it's just so nice. There's such a weight off your shoulders. I was really amazed by how collaborative has been like. I thought we were going to be like Austin delegating. Some like random small space windowless room place. But we're actually like working together on couches is all day making jokes. It's phenomenal so what was the first day working together. Like I can't answer that because I feel like I have a moment. He's he's just a moment because this is the first time that I've had native colleagues in any workplace and it's so cool to come to work especially in TV and be around other native writers. When I had my first meeting with Sierra at Homs was in the room and her and I were just like talking points like she remembered he was there and she was like? Do you have anything that you say. And he was like no. He's this is amazing. And what's amazing is like we get to cut out Indian one on one and we just get to get on on with the humor and the stories and it's super cool. That's the most exciting thing for me that I know on the first day is that it was also the first time I think we've been the majority in any space. It like influences the vibe and the culture of the room for sure and it's just it feels really familial and it also also is I think influencing the storytelling quite a bit. It's it's pretty magical. And what about putting the writing team together were you part of that Sierra. So could you. Could you tell me about how you put a writing team together for this show. Sure I mean it's really just been like I sound like a Pollyanna but like a dream come true in a sense of like. I figured there'd be like one native writer later and have to fight for it and Mike was like. Oh no there should be like half. The room should be native but to two hundred between woman a white guy should be half and half and he just has such incredible influence so the three of us at Mike and I met with a bunch of different writers from all different backgrounds. And it was so cool that you're told all the time well there there aren't out there so it's GonNa be really hard and it really wasn't and it was just a really cool idea of like who are the funny native people that I know or discovering and then we put them all together with a bunch of other funny writers from different backgrounds and friends runs that I'd worked with before. It's a really exciting time because I feel like we're all getting to do something that is like genuinely funny genuinely interesting but also very much from a native have perspective and kind of juxtaposed that with a traditional white American perspective. I think we're going to have multiple native characters. There's like two main native characters on the show who have very the different views of just everything and I think there's something interesting about their scenes where native people are talking to people about whatever and not necessarily about housing native but sometimes and I think the exciting about getting to to write those

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