DNA firms are set to profit from your data as testing demand falls


This is a Bloomberg money minute have you taken one of those DNA tests meet your chains with over a hundred and twenty five genetic reports the shine on spitting in a Cup to read your DNA appears to be wearing thin apparently people are catching on to the possibilities concerning a lack of privacy in consumer DNA testing over fifteen million people on our network that's almost a trillion connections ancestry dot com chief executive officer Margot Georgie got it says a lot of people have spent in the Cup twenty percent of the US of people that have taken one of these tasks and they're more more millions are coming into the kind of all the time twenty three in the C. E. O. and we'll just be says twenty twenty could be a difficult year for her company she expects a slowing of growth due in part to consumer concerns about privacy last year sequencing company a luminous had there been a lowland direct to consumer genetic testing concerns about genetic privacy came to the fore after investigators used an open source genealogy website to track down the suspect in the decades old case of the Golden State killer Gregg Jarrett Bloomberg

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