Mavs' fears confirmed with season-ending injury for Powell

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Mavs lost big man. Dwight Powell to the season-ending isn't ending Achilles injury last night this was hard to watch and trace. You could tell right away right. They confirmed it. That it's a full rancher but you could see it. I've seen too many these injuries injuries. And you know when it's non contact you already know either. ACL's an Achilles and you just hate to see that. Unfortunately this had the same durant. We're the rain all right. Because he was so Americans. They're looking for different types of players. They have trade assets because porzingis has been unreliable healthwise this year. They may not have to examine the market for a big man. This is a little bit. What we expected from porzingas right? I mean I mean the first year back from a twenty month layoff like Paul George. Gordon Hayward Soreness we'll see what

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