'Sober curious' Americans are reshaping nightlife


Sober is sexy that's what some happen million Instagram users are posting part of a push to give up the drink Dr terror and a ruler as CVS contributor with more in the so called sober revolution the movement is also helping those in recovery comes down to connection and engagement am J. Gottlieb created the app loose it to connect recovering addicts and the sober curious but I was getting sober it was diners in coffee shops yeah we grow up hearing you know how cold is bad and what they don't tell us is the first time we have a drink is actually feels good we met lucid user Philip o'hara and get away in Brooklyn one of the first brick and mortar silver bars in the country Hera has been in recovery for over three years and says an app like this provides a space to socialize safely have a platform for people to be connected with other sober people and again there is a hash tag and a lot of Instagram post its sober

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