The Mystery of the Christmas Tree Ship

Haunted Places


Bidder. Wins rose from the Great Lakes and Bill O.. Down the streets of Chicago south shore the shortcut off Crandon Avenue. Vanu didn't say Barbara Scheunemann anytime. She should've taken the route but she wasn't thinking straight. Her heart was elsewhere. It was about to board the ship and she was late to say goodbye. BARBA POULTER hood tighter a barrier between herself and the cheer of the Christmas season. Her husband was once the captain of the Rouse Simmons. A one hundred twenty three foot schooner that sank into winter storm in nineteen twelve every winter. He travelled north North to Wisconsin to bring evergreens back for the families of Chicago to decorate at Christmas. Christmas was their livelihood. But that didn't mean that Barbara couldn't resent it all the same mm-hmm. She knew as all wives of sailors did that. The lake was as much a grave as it was a highway. Every trips beginning could spell the end she knew it it as she walked the length of the dock Barbara paid no mind to the fishermen and rats. Her Thoughts dwelled on her daughters Elsie Hazel Bill. Pearl all at school. She wiped a frozen tear from her cheek and snap back to the present her heart leapt. Does she saw her husband. Herman waiting waiting at the end of the dock. The Row Simmons loomed large behind him. His voice called out to Barbara Wind asking her to come with him this year to spend Christmas at sea she ran to him. All the nearby tackle seller saw next was a hooded woman. Leap off the dock. With their arms outstretched stretched just before getting swallowed by the wake of the ships. Didn't matter that nobody else seemed to notice the tackle seller rushed to save the woman despite the icy temperature. He jumped in after her. He might not have done it for a stranger but he could have sworn the woman was the widow of Sadler he wants no

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