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See me bragging about do those chickens nobody you're listening to talk and at some John patch and I'm still laughing still like a unit that's Jim Gaffigan he's I like him because for the most part is clean yeah a lot of comedians are not in no no the nuts you know what I'm looking for pieces and stuff like that to bring out the show and stuff it you know a lot of times I know right well I won't go that will not live but Jim Gaffigan actually does a good job he's funny too so your fridge you're vegetarian so I ate I eat eggs and some animal products I just like him yes and they have to be farm raised in you know so that that's basically the Arnold prosthetic limbs you but would vegans vegans are a lot more strict yes they are strictly non animal products and that's like belts shoes or anything yes so yeah everything you know no nothing I'm approx what are you looking at me like you wanna eat me no I want you to become a vegetarian stuff not your what so we'll use one two years back my feelings I'm so hurt you said you're trying to diet that would be a good way to diet I'm not becoming a vegetarian you know what's weird though I mean I do eat meat as well course I tried giving up right what about two three years and it you know it was hard it was very difficult keep my weight on especially when you know going to the gym I can keep myself I mean people can do it you got to train yourself to do it and you really got to educate yourself on what you're gonna eat to replace that protein that you're saying and you know I did not do that actually so I ended up going back and you meet again but there's times I mean I think maybe not for you I don't know because you don't eat as much for whatever but there's times where I sit there and eat like a stake in it especially because doing a patch over twenty eight years I mean I sit there and look at it I mean it's like you know that's a body yeah I mean it kind of grosses me out sometimes I I admit that you know and you're not alone but it's like I do like meat though right but in it's not the best for you to either that's why a lot of people have like high blood pressure and cholesterol problems in anything else because of all the you know especially fast food that's horrible I mean you drive through the drive through and you go to McDonalds get a cheeseburger whatever there's not there's you know at least a thirty days off your life right there well the reason why I started not eating need much anymore was sat back in when I was in college I was taken to a meat slaughter house yeah and that did it for me yeah well I would but it for everybody I used to cover the genesis awards out an arm LA every year I haven't done a long time but you know I used to go there and they would show videos during the awards you know people that won awards that film these videos whether knowingly or unknowingly on and they would show the way that these animals were Richard and yet you know I don't want to say put to sleep or put down because they were tortured I mean he killed the thing is is if you know if you put yourself in that situation and they hung you by your ankles and your twisting around to a factory and all the sudden you get to one point with a slit your throat it's a little girls yeah I mean you think about these poor animals that have to go through that I don't mind eating animals but be a little bit more humane with the way that you solder them up there's got to be easier ways are better ways for these animals absolutely I mean other than some of the things you see I can mail to the head or a hammer to the head or something.

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