Remembering The Late Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Is in black. America came to be known as the blood. It is possible that the pre spend leave. I looked over that man on the ground and one of the robbers were still around as possible that they felt that the man on the ground was merely faking acting like he had been robbed and in ought to seize them over their love and bath quick and he's deceased so the first question that the priests ad the first question that the lead by squalls. If I stopped the help this man what will happen to me. But then the Good Samaritan and came out and he reversed a question. If I do not stop to help this man. What will happen to him? That's the question before you tonight. Not at past stuff to help the sanitation worker. What will happen to my job? Mount Stopping the help the sanitation workers. What will happen to all of Iowa's spending my office every day and every week as a pathway jeff question is not if I stuff to help this man and need what will happen to me? The question miss if I do not stop to help. The sanitation work of will happen to them. That's the question reverend. Dr Martin Luther. The King Junior would have been ninety one this year. Had He lived out a dream for racial equality in this country. He was a man walking down the oppressed and for a man who question unfair laws and went to jail rather than submit to them. King was passionate fighting for civil rights and although he died by violence his life and teachings were dedicated Kennedy to a deep disrespectful violence and its consequence he won a Nobel Prize for peace. His lectures and dialogues stirred the conscience of the nation. Doc in November one thousand nine hundred eighty three legislation was signed creating Martin Luther King Junior day making it only the third National Holiday born in the twentieth century in Fall Nineteen ninety-one National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis Tennessee. Sasser made it was dedicated to his remembers on October sixteenth. Twenty eleven the MLK memorial dedicated on the National

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