Interview With Boxer, Clarissa Shields


Everybody is the envy Angela yee Charlamagne Megat we all the breakfast club we got a special guest in about this right Clarissa sales she's a boxer she's a junior middleweight boxing champion should not just the boxes she the fastest fighter in history male or female to win votes in three weight classes right along yes free walking with two bell today I had not but I want to carry all of them up here it burns a bird yeah well let the let the burns no like they're heavy all got you got like there you wait you know I mean I know you from limitless Michigan that's right you dye your hair blue before the face to represent the flint yep the other what across the water crisis how did you get in the box my dad's love okay my dad used to be like underground Street Fighter type of boxing and then rose St predator buses a box on the streets money yep backyards tunnels where we used by set in a secon cannonball so grown up when I get in fights on people used to be I guess came in water and I was like who the heck is can my dad was in prisons allows to me so I was nine so I got a boxing he told me that he loved by because all I really just box for him in the end once I started I realized that I really love fighting in the pocket fight in boxing in not go to jail that's something I want to do so that was the seed that started the boxing career you basically yeah he must've been excited I know what my dad the cake man like my first batch the magic came so I started backing out of the living he came when I was like thirteen right I'm giving advice he's ago named Chloe Kimsey is he walks up to me and she was like I'm gonna like stop you in any like knock you out right in my face got so ray and I just was like Hey my dad's like baby are right I was like I'm not gonna get juries so when I got dressed and I beat this grow up when I finished watching my dad was crying he he just was like baby the best damn box at every single yeah so they're also doing a movie on your life story yeah which is going to be great Ryan destiny's playing your cancer clammy as you come to Terry right yes he's going to try okay so how did this movie come about was this your idea did they pitch it to you so I had to have a documentary T. rex the rex that they followed me from the age of sixteen so about twenty and they follow me to the Olympics and said world championships and just everywhere I went school whatever and from there I guess that you I thought universe is seen the documentary thing documentary and they wanted to make real movie out of it well make mine was real but but they want to redo it I feel like you have taken the trauma of growing up and falling edges channel that energy into the ring is that the case I can't say that I've learned how to use my anger in a positive way but I'm not angry about what happened to me in the past whatever happened happened and the guy told me that I had a better future so it's kind of badges the leave it back there in a look for but he always tell me your my Twinn I live in for I got I know the plans I have for you plans for you to prosper have a better future so that's how I always look at it you see you said all the kids would pick on you growing up yeah what would they do what they say well growing up I was really skinny and my nose is big and I had really proof here and I stutter soccer really talk that will so I kind of got picked on for all those things that we have to start putting healing hands on people that are yeah I got to my first fight probably about like they're great in there for their nose I lost I mean now I want every fight that I've ever been in industry do you really have to register your hands when you boxes yeah you do have weapons there is a license okay so when you when you when when was that back then I recently was still in the in the amateur you have the a pad looks really show that your box you got to but he gets more serious when you light like when you turn pro now you have like these registered legal hands in your hand their weapons you can never let go to jail for like even smack in somebody wow do you know you're fighting next I don't know where we'll smoke smoke on care so you say one time that you took offense the Lee lollies comments was you the on the breakfast club because you said that day if you were to come out of retirement there weren't any good women of women to challenge her and we went back in the ring just just just before in money right Layla and do training US they train them god you got yeah I got I got a little baby six pack right now but the the you know I don't I don't think there's anyone there for me right now they would actually give me a good challenge and uses spoke with I mean have you seen I think she's because me at the espys that's cool but my thing is I'm never had me till that day I've never disrespected lay loudly when you like comstar boxing even dot com myself to graze woman of all time I've never say like Ole loudly can't mocks I'll always give her to respect like she pave the way even though she didn't continue to keep the fire alive she did pave the way she started it there were people like women's boxing exist because Muhammad Ali daughter boxes right and so when I heard her say that I'm like so she's then I'll not a boxer soon I got into the Olympics twice you know and then I remember also to when she was commentator for the two thousand twelve or sixteen Olympics if you just say like if they would have the Olympics when I was coming up I would a warning and I was like who knows you know but like don't be selfish is okay to pass the torch your read your retire now and I'll give you your respect if you give me mine but yet here I feel like there's no woman I can give her a challenge and we fight the same weight it was just like if you come out of retirement I smoke you in a was more like to let you know I don't disrespect me in I wonder suspect you in and that's why when with the but don't want to fight a forty one or forty year old a lot lately no I want to actually heard embrace me I embrace her and we bill women's boxes had a place where it's supposed to be at her not to talk to the S. he's gone away and I would do it we all like to stand by each other John that's how she found me why did you speak forces now and I'm not I'm not I'm not going to be very vivid light because I you know like she doesn't she doesn't show me any kind of support like I see your audit time comment on these other boxer girl page a Katie Taylor and always tell her can great and everything but the only it's like she don't show any kind of respect or a knowledge me and I'm a let grow just like she is want to watch you wouldn't know like what did you say somebody back in the day I just think that in boxes she feel like she never got a fair share off like you never got to the part to the point where she wanted to get soon nobody recognize a lolly but they always try to say like she only was big because her dad in it only give her props are skills I'm not one of those people I think that she fought who she fought if she had to win if you would have been a loser they would say mom Ali daughter boxes but she loses but she what Ali's daughter and she wants she's undefeated thank you for that respect it would be nice to get some support yeah if you wanted to but even keep going I'm doing yeah they give very it it's in when you came out the the Beyonce

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