Dodgers complete deal for Betts, Price


Hairston junior of course former major league player world champion with the Yankees And of course the dodgers address analysts for Spectral Sports Net L. A. Jerry. Welcome to the PODCAST. How you doing very well very well? Yes on in Wednesday afternoon four o'clock eastern time. The big press conference at Dodger Stadium. Yes mookie Betts and David price coming to Los Angeles. I know you got to like train and your thoughts. I'm extremely excited. You know the dodgers the last few years. I've put themselves in position to possibly win a world series. It hasn't happened but I really believe adding guy like Mookie Betts in my opinion five baseball ballplayer all in all the major leagues. Excellent top of the order hitter. You know I think this is. He's kind of like the generations. Ricky Henderson excellent speed is they're gonNA NOT GONNA steal a hundred thirty basis because nobody does that anymore really. Nobody did that with ricky played But he gives you speed at the top power A great outfielder in right field. And you put him in the lineup with next month cody bellinger Justin Turner And so on and so forth this is arguably the best lineup and all of baseball and then add to This dodge rotation healthy David Price. Who Brings in championship type pedigree and I really believe? He's GonNa be pitching with a chip on his shoulder. I'm having something to prove the season so I'm excited for the dodgers and the city of La. Jerry dodgers needed a good right handed bat. That lineup is loaded with lefties. This bets bets is going to help that isn't he. Absolutely you know anytime you get a chance to Have the best players in all of baseball. And you're on your lineup. She'd He'd be in your lineup. It's GONNA help but you're always looking for balance and you know like you mentioned. The dodgers were heavy left handed The last two years with Jock Petersen Jason Cory seager cody bellinger Max money. There's nothing wrong with having left handed power but you WANNA kinda offset that a little bit especially with the emergence of Gavin Luxa the new Start second base going to the dodgers have. He's a left handed batter. So you WanNa make sure you balanced when you're facing writings and left these Throughout the season the playoffs so why not not get arguably the best right handed hitting outfielder outside of my trout in base going. That's looking back and Jerry. You don't look at this as as has some sort of rental you don't make a trade for guy player like Mookie Betts and not be willing to sign this guy who can be a free agent. After next year you fully the expect. The dodgers to ante up and paid has got to be a dodger for a long time. Don't you absolutely I liken this to like an Anthony Davis you you know you. Trade for Anthony Davis get him in the fold let them see. La Let him be Laker and see how great it is to be living in La very similar with mookie Betts. You get him over here here. Let them play in this ballpark. Be a dodger Every day Get accustomed to you know the lifestyle. LA which. Really second to none. Being in the bright lights of Hollywood. I I think he's going to love it here and WanNa sign back and certainly. The dodgers have the resources to sign a guy like me or about so. Hopefully he's comfortable here which I think he will be. And we'll love to play here because everybody played here including myself has a loved. But I'm not putting on that dodger. Blue Guess on inside the park a podcast is of course Jerry Hairston junior former major league player and analyst for the dodgers in their TV broadcasts The other part is MOOKIE BETTS AND PRICE COM from Boston and they're under a cloud of suspicion. They're under investigation for what went down with their ex manager. Now Alex Cora and the dodgers chargers got a bronco event they lost in the world series in two thousand eighteen to the red sox. Where do you make of that? Where Mookie Betts and David Price could possibly be implemented uh implicated and talk about that they took part in what could wind up being yet? Another cheating scandal baseball. Well you know what I've heard it. You know before the the commissioner ruled on the Astros. We'd heard rumblings for a couple of weeks. What was coming down the road and we knew it was pretty pretty bad We know that the commission she's GonNa ruin the red SOx pretty pretty quickly. That's what we're hearing And we've also heard it's not nearly as bad as the Astros so I'm kind of banking on that anytime you play a team in the world series and the Super Bowl or the or the NBA finals. You WanNa make sure both sides are on the up and up. And I'm hoping that was the case with the with the Red Sox I'm hoping Alex Cora bidding implement everything that he has with Houston in Boston but that's yet to be seen But you know now that is the guys like Bats and David Price on the fold You gotta wait and see. I'm hoping they weren't a part of it. Obviously David price being a pitcher. Sure certainly wasn't that part of it because it was on the offensive side of the ball. And I'm hoping mookie wasn't in wasn't a part of that as well so that's got to be seen Bob Open for the good in

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