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That you've been getting some great reviews rarely been rating than they In the press. But could you tell us a little bit more about the pathway from the awards at Josh mentioned. It's not quite as simple as just getting shortlisted. How did you get to this moment to die? Sure so the shortlisting was a whirlwind anthony. We'll stay with me for the rest of my life. I think Contacted by agents and publishes the very same day of the announcement which was fantastic announcement on on the announcement receiving emails frog messages on twitter. It was and and if you hate from a Christian Fish Chen or any of the other rod has its time experience so At that point I only had a thirty seven thousand word manuscript. It always influenced to actually Melanie Chang head submitted. A similar word can't install Ebay had had success. There was a Willa Center event where she spark and that was the moment that actually decided to submit the thing in the first place. It wasn't really on my right up at that point so it shows that a warden spas other artists to get input Stuff into the wool absolutely and so through that process affirm press came aboard and wanted to publish the book but it was still too short so the idea is that you would try to get the collection out as soon as possible. Bang that it was still you know the APLA shortlisting was still very much out there. So I had unwritten one story in the previous year and when I saw him with a fan press. The deal was four stories in four months which was terrifying and exhilarating the same time a deadline. Exactly it just shows you yes. So I managed to produce the full stories Are went for some. I didn't have time to doubt the material doubt the premises so I went with some stuff that I otherwise wouldn't have gone with had a bit of a list of ideas. I I did a deed but a few of the stories that had around for maybe three years but hadn't quite moved along with them or just forced myself to write first drafts. And it's down in the something to work with whereas before I just thought that ought not gonna work so there are two stories and it looked quite metaphysics which I played around with that conned of fiction nonfiction mash up a little awareness about their own existence. Yes side Some things that were on the journey to rotting show that awed decided it was time to put in such as I went through cancer In the in the early stages of the book which was an impetus to writing the book in the first place. And how did that for you up to to write. What has led to this stunning book? Yeah sure it freed me up in the sense that I thought none of these stories I would be published that you know it was very very seek That were just diagnosed and it took a year Eh. Going through all that until the second stint of came to water out again and I was doing came on Friday Friday mornings and I'd get up and write for two hours beforehand forehand and it was stuff just to amuse me. There was no industry. No hearing about concept about published that was turns out that that was exactly what I needed. It's so true silver lining from a very dark clad so with the stories and I. I can't believe how you do this. Every time we get to the end of the the story I had a hell. Did he do that now. I'm going to look at one section of prize from you've got people in the front of your book who've praised the collection who've read it in advance of publication GonNa Ray the nines to whine Makola Nikola generals in Reina. Neil all very influential influential writers an Australia authors but I actually want to zero in on John Rosen's because she starts in a way that you'd think the maybe this doesn't sound so vain she finishes cries. I'm going to read this APP. General sense is on Wine Marshall's collection show these stories of a strident men in small towns and pull suburbs stories of sport drinking fighting and love sands awful right that she puts but there's a big battle here but these are stories. Tall was SAIMAA chart. Wit a meticulous craft that even as you're reading about a limitation Class A man in love with a kangaroo a mermaid on a fishing trip. You're asking yourself why did did this really happen. Wine Marshall is a worthy successor to his town might pay to carry. That's prize. It went a writer of gorgeous imagination endearing experimentation ikin compassion and chill is one of the best books of Australian stories. You'll rate wow and autograph with her on that assessment. I'm not gonNA make anymore. The raiders. Fortunate can't that listeners. Fortunately can't say that here but there are other prize in however automob- beyond that prize tries to the craft. You mentioned before how it freed you up to right. I'm GonNa quite something. It sounds like a real mouthful from aristotle. approachable impossibility is preferable to an impossible probability. I I had to write that. Deng's always mix it up but in wine Mashall's world old. You start with the everyday will that we think we Then you give it a bizarre twist and you you make us believe it. And that's what I my. By the time you get to the end and status with his arresting ending. We took hand-held that he does that. So do you start with the bizarre edition or the ordinary reward and let it emerge. Yes so it's normally. It will come to me in a bizarre image or concept. They're usually quite concept driven stories so we start not like that and I guess I've always had that Oban. I'd been working on writing for ten years before I started having success with these stories and I could come up with an initial initial idea well enough but I think what was holding you back as well is. This seems to me now. Like a Secondary Act of imagination. Where you get the blood D- But the grounding the will building the making real which is absolutely essential on not so much into say straight out surrealism where it's just go let craziness? I want. Want to feel absolutely real and so. That's the big task beyond the initial idea. And that takes a lot of drafting and all that. So I'm probable impossibility impossibility. You believe. This could happen but you know it's impossible in the back up. Yes you do that. So it's the balance of the two and finding what you call a secondary incidental storyline more like. I guess it would come back to will building the Secondary Act of imagination. You've gotta fill that. Would you've go to populate it you've got to fill it with all the details not too many. That it bogs down and working in short stories. You've got a zipper too long. But I wanted to feel real fo for raiders but real to me too I want these stories to feel absolutely real. Even though they're crazy like I know I'm going to go to a specific example here and it's it's the story that's inspired the cover of show and a man has fallen in love with the kangaroo route. How on Earth do you make that real that that sort of the bizarre things you wouldn't put it in a literary collection of short? Say How do you make that believable including that the kangaroos wearing accounting jumping. I think it's the stuff like the cotton jump and the party pause and the name of the beer and the name of specific replies that gives it that you can feel that house and that place and the two men that popular that story. I think this is real reality to those guys. And that's where I grew up. That's my culture and so drew on all of that again beyond the crazy idea to fill it with with realistic Dato and to just dropped often draft and draft until it felt real it does feel very real one of the things I really liked about. It was the kangaroo. Never reacts in the way you expect now take something personally and some there does that so you give it a three dimensional character a kangaroo. Yeah but you don't buy that. We all got along with each. I really like I think you. Would you call that an. I probably want to bring this up in terms of defining does the Jonah but would you call it magic realism of fantastic realism here. I'm a bit be careful with the magic realism stuff. Because it has a specific origin and a specific cultural lineage being in South America and the magic realists to come out of there so that the second one fantastic realism. It's really you know. Version of magic. Yeah improbable things happen everyday. Well I think I'm coming more and more to the understanding that I my entire style comes out of the young culture that I grew up in. I grew up at a suburban Melbourne with people. Ah stood around telling toll stories full exaggeration and huma and color and be twists. And I've just realized that informs my style so much that sums up beautifully and it shows and all your work now you have a Melbourne launched last week at the hill of content bookstore in Melba. You've got a bacchus marsh. Could you tell us the data. Yes I do. So we have a launch of the Pekka Smash Lobby this Saturday at twelve thirty. And it's GonNa be really special because they've supported may for so long mm-hmm and they gave me and another friend of mine. Jim Tully Mila the lessons to do things like create the pay to carry short story award which we in running for four years. It's just small ward. That is now national and really personal imprimature. Hasn't yes and hate us as the winning stories and to talk to someone like to carry even Chrissy. Molly's Alley's huge so. Tom Employs at the back of Smash Library this Saturday at at twelve thirty at twelve. Thirty four thirty. Yes yes exactly yes thank. You're very much wind Marshall on your congratulations on your debut. Collection of short stories show is the title published by FM. Prison back to you

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