The Athlete Mentality and Journey of Megan Henry, Team USA Skeleton Athlete


Morning right. Where are you now? I'm in Connecticut some home for Christmas. Which is nice awesome Meghan equipment? Everyone that comes on when you're younger an athlete bigger goal to achieve. I think the same museum like I really wanted to be a division field hockey player and I didn't start clang field hockey until I was in middle school and I just kind of went to a camp on a whim. My mom signed me up for this camp and I was okay. Added is pretty shy. Actually when I was younger so I didn't necessarily they WANNA do things by. I came early like field hockey and play A. I Made Varsity as a sophomore in in high school. which like not a lot of people did at the time and scored the game winning goal in double overtime to send us to states and that was like a really Big Ping and I started looking at schools early on when I was playing at Varsity I knew that I wanted to play Division One and I am from Connecticut? It's all I wanted to go to uconn. And that didn't pan out it. Just kind of miscommunication like the coaches. I went to like all of these showcases. Oh Cases All these tournaments in suffers college coaches there and I applied to Uconn a by dining university. Another big school school and I went to this tournament and they had a college night so if you were like an up and coming senior year pretty much should have been Mike committed by appointment. You like if you are a junior senior and so most people kind of new idea had senior night actually what it was called and so there were a bunch of college coaches there they had tables buy. If you were already pretty much headed toward the cooler emitted the Yukon took all of their upcoming seniors out. They took them out to dinner and they didn't tell me so. I was really upset about it. That was like Oh my God. What is is happening so I walked to the table? I knew American University. which is where I went to college? Was this senior night and I hadn't really like Don on a whole lot with them. I kind of like communicated I really liked Washington. DC inside went up to him. And I was like. I'm playing in these Games tomorrow and I just as you know. And he had seen me so I pretty much at least contact coaches that the tell them what I was doing was planning for whereas playing in he had seen the answer he was already interested so that was like really helpful but I ended up being someone who really late college visit I committed. It'd very late because my dream school of playing for you conduct didn't pan out so I was like you know in complete panic that I hadn't committed needed anymore until really late like in my senior year but I went to American University. It was amazing. I was really really happy there as a freshman I and I came from being like the star player. You know I live in the middle of nowhere Like I don't know there's not that many people and I was not a starter freshman year I was not a star off our air and I kind of got mixed in to me. That was really hard to deal with. I was not I used to being like not key player and so another kind of sounds like a little spoiled. I guess I it wasn't used to it and because it took me a lot of time and energy to like be a really key player in high school I was expecting like the work was already done. You had a mentor. That told me like back in the day. That head coach told him the ball. That looks cheer right. Everyone living in this room with author on their teams well exactly and that is exactly how I remember talking with other people. My roommate at the time was playing and to my other close friends on the team we were. We were on the bench and I was like what is going on. And they're like I don't know I was the same when I was the number one player you know and so so it's pretty wild like as you keep leveling up like everybody was the best at one point Bob Force needs to be more of like a utility l'idee player so I had in high school I was a forward I was a right wing and I was actually recruited as a midfielder something I never did I ended up ultimately ultimately playing mostly right wing again in college I was moved all around the front line is a forward I I saw Dan as a midfielder my had to L. become better at my defensive skills so ended up being good for me just to become a better overall player so the journey for you go your shot with coach yeah you like saying Hey I'm playing you want me can play and I mean it was definitely Salihi it was kind of like this is a panic Mike I have nowhere to go now 'cause I all my eggs in one basket let's get back I mean it it worked out really well I think a lot of people not to cut no I was that way when employees school hot ply the two schools Oklahoma and Oklahoma state and they would like the last resort not With date anybody knows like I don't Wanna ask her there so for you if that didn't happen did you have another plan or what we're GONNA do. I had applied to Uconn Indiana and like. UVM was like my last choice. Did Not want to go there and I had done unofficial visit there and it would have been okay. I would never have become the player that I did and it. Just it all works out serendipitous Lee. You think it's bad but it was the I absolutely loved my college athletic other experience. My college coach was phenomenal. He's one of the best in the country. I would put money on it. He's coached the women's national team at the Olympics convicts. He's an Olympian in field hockey and the coaching skills that he has and how he treated US set me up for success on on the road like you just. I think that I would never found that anywhere else. Just how incredible he was person. So I'm really great for agreeable right because I did work out better for me. Everything works I wanted to yes. So you're saying you know that first year you kinda end this limbo trying to figure okay. What's my role adult? Get to where I was in high school and understand the another local playing time for. How did you approach that at your athey mindset? We'll I I I was like I don't know if I belong here. Maybe I'm kidding myself that I was good enough to be here so I sat down with my coach I was like. I don't know if I should do this anymore. And he's like known so. I guess helpful to kind of get reassurance. 'cause there were a lot of. I think what kind of spark that a a lot of other people started walking away and I think some of them were like. I don't WanNa go to school anymore. I'm going to transfer her whatever it may be like. Maybe O and in two of my close friends on the team left and so I kind of felt like yeah now I have nobody really. They're like my two closest friends are gone on their leaving and I ended up staying in. I don't know I guess it was just that the reassurance really did help me change uh-huh and I mean I trained really hard in the gym and I think there's a lot more than I could have done actually like looking back on it. Oh I think he always offered like individual sessions outside of of artists. So if you wanted to like get better skill you could sign up for individual so it was called and I could have done more stuff like that or signed up for like small group sessions outside practice and identity. There's more moreover I could have done but I trained really hard. In the off season I moved to Washington. DC My last year. I stayed there in the summertime and I trained with the strength coach in the off season because I wanted to make my senior year. Really really good and yeah and then actually. After my senior season was done I walked onto the track team American University. Because I just I wasn't ready to be done being an athlete. We all can you hang on to officiate so you track and field. What you do as a sprinter? So like indoor. Yeah I guess there's a fifty five I don't even know if you five indoor one hundred two hundred four by one quick. I like to think I'm out right. Thank you I'm not like national level but I'm good cool like how your story playhouse awesome. Because you know the field hockey thing with the coordination with the running with no the stig ethnic dead ball that then you gotta check him field when you work on in your expanding your mechanic the now you're in this notion. Yeah so after I graduated college I enlisted in the army. I guess because I was trying to get a job in a lot of places where like you need three to five years work experience. You need master's degree and I was like good all right. I had an interest in enjoying military actually when I was very young and I thought it was an honorable thing to do so like within a month of graduate I joined the army and I should off to basic training and I joined because it continues like you need to have the physical side the mental side. There's a team environment so like all of that stuff is really attractive. The obviously it's something that I know very well and allowed me to continue and then after I was finished with all of my basic training my Vance job training. I was recruited to do

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