LAPD officer pleads not guilty to touching dead woman's breast


A cop charged with fondling a dead woman's breasts entered a plea in a downtown LA courthouse the arraignment took all of about two minutes and then the officer twenty seven year old David Rowe Haas left the courtroom courtroom he he is is free free on on bail bail he he hurried hurried to to the the stairwell stairwell on on the the fifth fifth floor floor and and took took off off with with the the news news media media right right behind behind him him roll roll Haas Haas was was arrested arrested for for sexual sexual contact contact with with human human remains remains after he and his partner responded to a call in the downtown area on October twentieth about a possible deceased person in a home the alleged crime was reportedly captured on is LAPD body worn camera he pleaded not guilty today Ross if you have a right to have a speedy preliminary hearing ten more days or sixty calendar days from today your arrangement Joyner sand in other words yes anyway yes John the four year veteran faces up to three years in prison if he's found guilty he's due back in court on February twenty

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