ClassPass, finally a unicorn, raises $285 million in new funding


Raise Wednesday class pass. Ask which offers access to gyms and health clubs via a single subscription raised. A two hundred and eighty five million dollar series around led by L. Catterson and apex digital at a one billion dollar valuation quoting techcrunch. In two thousand seventeen the company announced it would be introducing a credit system via virtual currency combined with its data around the popularity of classes. This allowed class passed to introduce variable pricing instead of users paying a monthly fee for three five or ten classes per month users. I could use their virtual class past currency to sign up for classes and pay based on the demand around those classes with the revenue model in place and working. Class pass has focused on growth growth over this past year. International growth has been a top priority with the company now operating in twenty eight countries partnering with more than thirty thousand partners including Boutique Studios gyms gyms and wellness providers. The second area of growth has been on the Business Front Class Pass introduced a corporate program that allows organizations to subsidize their employees using the product. CEO Fritz Landman says this differs from other corporate programs that asking the employer to subsidize each individual employee whether they use the product or not thus far class pass has more than one thousand employers using the platform including Morgan Stanley Goldman Sachs Google and

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