Goodbye snow squalls, hello cold


On the three we've dealt with some snow showers and the snow squalls today through parts of the area still some lingering effects belong Cape and a little bit of snow activity and also along the coast of Maine and New Hampshire some snow squalls to deal with the wise guys gonna start to clear tonight it's gonna be cold night though very windy in fact the wind advisories up to one AM four gusts of up to fifty miles an hour especially Cape in over the islands it'll be chilly to with the low of twenty two the real feels will be in the single digits tomorrow little breezy the little chilly but not as harsh as of today a high of thirty two clouds and some breaks of sun on Friday breezy milder in the afternoon high of fifty one couple showers possible in a few spots Friday night and Saturday it'll be warm into the low sixties it will be windy though and there be some rain around as well pretty much same story for Sunday right now it is thirty eight degrees in

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