Justin Trudeau Grows A Beard Over The Holidays


You be taken seriously as an effective world leader and sport a beard. That's latest latest challenge for the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who appears to have given his razor arrest over the Christmas break. The pitch has been released sharing pensive Mr Trudeau showing off a neat eight covering of salt and pepper hair. His jaw line says Mr Trudeau's bid hit do politicians fall into the same category news readers and caterers. For whom facial hair. There is very much a no no clean-shaven Stephen Dl. Your thoughts on the The Trudeau pitcher suggesting that. He's he's gone a bit road down doesn't it. Ah I mean he's you know he's he's being very modern. I would say Rich I acknowledged I am not. I don't mind you know so if a guy wants to have a bid have a beard. What what I really hate? These days is kind of just a few days growth. It just looks scruffy and I'm actually I am one of those who thinks no you know. Politicians could goodness knows. They've they've lost enough respect as it is in many countries particularly this one In recent years But you know they they can at least look respectable and A Guy with for five days growth on his chin to my mind. Simply look scruffy. Maybe I'm missing. So maybe maybe ladies you told me you know. Maybe they look sexy or something. I don't know maybe I shouldn't be so clean shaven but to my mind MRS deal about. What are your thoughts scruffy sexy or a man in control I think as a man who still on holiday I have a friend of mine? Who's lawyer who I saw the Friday before Going going back to work on Monday and everyone was remarking party on his on. His Christmas holiday bid was only. Is this a new look. And he's Ono going on Monday morning. That's that was his sign that he was relaxing on holiday in on Monday morning. What is back to the beard would be would be absolutely gone? Justin Trudeau decided. Maybe I'd like it. Maybe it's GonNa Arash suggest laid-back news which You know maybe it's a good thing saying that it doesn't do lay black. It actually looks. Some people said it looked serious mature established established at. WHY IS IT Steve? And sporting a beard can be one of the most radical things that a man can do to appearance. I think because there's not a lot that we he can do In so much as Yeah you know we can wear a colorful tie or no tie or a man wearing a very floral shirt. Art will probably be laughed at You know if we're thinking certainly if we think in the world of work business bit politics whatever Men's clothing is fairly Kelly Dowell conservative. Perhaps a gray suit Maybe being really voter pinstripe suit I'm not being totally factors. If you think women have much much more flexibility in this they can have various colors they can wear a dress they commit trouser suit they can you know th th they they can change their appearance as it were much more easily. The the men's one thing man men can do is grow a beard or allow grow. Some facial hair I think it's interesting. For example that the the Movember Movement to two for prostate cancer. One of the things they you know they demonstrate his men grow starch For you know to raise money for charity I just you know. Ah there are very few things that we can do to To change our parents and particularly those of us who don't have much hair on our heads anyway and finally I mean we. We see now just Justin Trudeau whether he will keep the Betas something that indeed. The world's media will follow incredibly closely. But is this a sign that this traditional garb that stephen has been talking about actually might not be quite as rigorous in the world of politics and NPR anymore. I mean we need to look dominic. Cummings is the Zip Zip Department is a special advisor. I mean he looks just about got into the garden every day and he's not deliberately some. Psa I think it was about to say that there's a hole in the tech quotes. You'll steve jobs uniform polo neck. Or looking scruffy wearing your t shirt looking anti-establishment. It's it's a way of saying I don't care about the rules. I've I break the rules. I I make my own rules and I think that's if dominic is going for a look and not just pulling things out of the laundry basket. That's what he's going for. He's saying I don't care about your rules So that's you know it's it's sort of a uniform over in a way I'd also point out the women don't get to do all that you women can wear different things but first of under Lionore Theresa May had turned up without Austin and just in their old jeans and jump. They'd say no makeup on. They'd say she's completely lost it. She must be having a breakdown or something they would not say she's looking scruffy and casual and smart. They'd Zeh she's she's not in control of the situation. The immaculately groomed. Terry Stephanie Stephen. Dl Thank you very much indeed for joining us on monocle. Twenty four

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