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Bobby? A halt of the New York hot list is our first guest of two thousand twenty here on the gate now. The horse that won the Breeders Cup dirt bile beating Omaha beach is spun to run and he will be facing Omaha beach again in the Pegasus World Cup. The first major race of two thousand thousand twenty but maximum security will not be there and code of honor will not be there. Maximum security is waiting for Saudi Arabia. The world's richest race the Saudi Cup in February. It's very tempting to make this a political discussion. I'll only do it to the extent of saying with what's going on in the Middle East right now. How do you think that is going to impact whether trainers bring their horses over for the Saudi Cup and or the Dubai World Cup in March or maybe they take a look at that Pegasus again and say maybe we ought to just stay here that that's a very hard question to answer? Ah It's hard to understand how people feel I will say this. I am confident in saying that the people especially in Dubai. We're ruler of the country behind that I think they're going to bend over backwards to provide security and take care of the park I I would hope the same thing's going to happen in Saudi Arabia race and then just not become a outer tech or anyone but that is a question question that you just can't answer. I think it's very hard. It's an individual decision to a Lotta funny. I understand when people go play a lot of people who have no dog in the adviser to come up with answers of morally questions. And what they're gonNA do when not to you. Gary West was all set to run his voice Independence when it was nine nine billion dollar I. He was happy to take the fourbillion winter. Share the person. Just go to the Middle East but when you cut the first out of nowhere to three billion winter I'll get one point five billion something like that and you have just wants to you know once in a lifetime could easily win ten million dollars and probably turn around that month and win a twelve million dollar right I. It's hard because this is an expensive sport and as much as these people arrested of of money that goes into this so You understand it as of now. I haven't heard anyone saying they're going to change their mind about going. I'm sure people are a little bit nervous but I mean let's be frank. I think anytime you over. There is probably reason to be nervous. So it's just an individual decision and I wouldn't chastize anyone. Whatever they they decide because it feels like them? That's their call. It's not it. I make my own decision on my life. You make your own decision on your own life and I think that's the way it goes. Oh by the way. I think you're under selling the Saudi Cup. I believe the purses twenty million dollars. Well it's ten million the whip you get ten billion but it's it's one that that that's what I'm saying he gary West is looking at it. I will get sent. Don't get out of the home and billion dollars if I say in that term so you can when you look at it now. You basically have to win the Pakistan that in line with at one point I for share of the first compares to the ten million that he will win. Take home for winning the Saudi Cup where he will be the favorite and a one term mounting great definitely. I Dunno betting Saudi Arabia. But I know American pools. He's GonNa behavior and you running for stabbing tons of money. That's a pretty compelling nonetheless in the Pegasus World Cup you do have. Some horses is with some credentials including higher power. The Pacific Classic winner. We mentioned Omaha Beach. roadster for Bob Baffert is aiming toward the Pegasus. And you will be there. How do you see this first? Major race of the year shaping up that force right now in training maximum very doubt after that case to be made then Omaha Aubenas bunch of wrong especially violent eight might be the second and third bout with McKinsey right there with them so when you get fun to run and Omaha Beach I think he got a pretty darn good race. I mean it's interesting possibilities. Are the horses doing nominated at the box He's done. I'm very well. This is of course. A lot of people east might have remembered with Chad Brown Barrasso. And you know he was good you know. He got coming up. In the minor spot that West to John Adler Verona's ray thing all of a sudden. He's winning all these steaks and eat it. You can't east to Churchill even lost or any blocks. We'll see if he's going to be the ones that they decided to send into the race. It'd be a good one back wizar- people know this story. That fifteen thousand dollars who ran against maximum security and the world's most famous Amos. Sixteen Thousand Dollars Eight lamer and it'll be in there. I think it'll be a big competitive fourth. It doesn't I think have the superstar. One runner arrogate powerpoint chrome Omaha beaches in that category But it's interesting. It's good to get back into talking about racing and Bobby Hall. Nobody better to do it with so. Thank you so much barry. Thank you always chat that with you so when we come back here on the gate. The site of the world's first million dollar horse race is short on dollars and short on time time to secure them. Welcome back to win the gate in July of two two thousand. Nearly twenty years ago Churchill. Downs home of the Kentucky Derby purchased Arlington Park in Chicago for nearly seventy one million dollars. Arlington's owner Dick Duchossois had closed the track in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight and nine hundred ninety nine saying that he could not compete with other gambling businesses. The opened again in May may of two thousand presumably with the knowledge that a sale was coming at the time. Churchill was in something of an arms race against the stronach group. When it came to buying up tracts the idea was to create networks of tracks for simulcasting and cross promotion of races and Events in nineteen ninety nine Churchill bought calder race course in Miami and Hollywood Park in California and then bought fairgrounds in New Orleans in two thousand and four? This was meant to counter the STRANA group which began its buying spree in nineteen ninety eight with Santa Anita then they added Gulfstream Park in Florida. Both major Maryland tracks Laurel and PIMLICO as well as golden gate fields and Portland Meadows and Oregon stronach versus Churchill. Wasn't exactly the Cold War. But the battle lines had been drawn it it seemed that Churchill was the first to blink Churchill dumped Hollywood park like a hot potato in two thousand five just six years after buying it. Churchill said at the time that California has forsaken racing and its needs reports came from fairgrounds in two thousand thirteen that the turf course was too dangerous juris to race and that the track had been poorly maintained ever since the churchill purchase at the same time Churchill was trying any maneuvering possible to get out of its obligation obligation to operate racing at calder. Eventually the STRANA coned Gulfstream Park worked out a lease agreement to run the calder meet in October and November this year. Two Thousand Twenty is the final year of Churchill's obligation to lease the meat after which it may convert the track into a shipping logistics center. Or something like that.

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