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Where I came from and and all that and so like like kind of grass roots performing and so that's where like when it came to that I was like I think you should probably gonna make it to the court the court pretty pretty pretty stuff but you never know short people's teeth could be because I don't know just yeah it was that way I'm I felt a little bit just like at a loss when anyone then because I was like for and for the rest of I feel so bad for the rest of it when they meet greet a but I for the rest of it I was like look you check and what are they going to do like there's no way they would let you never know me because the visual in my head of like you know almost like a cheap like they're pulling her off the necklace like a fish on a hook yeah it was yeah it was it home and it was yeah it was it was bizarre nothing on ask yet about your your your if you guys do these crazy stuff you're talking about the Saudi filled your pool with slime oh yeah yeah he had something going on with the big light.

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