Austria's Kurz, Greens agree on new coalition government


The new year and a new government in Austria after months of negotiations the center right party led by chancellor suggesting cuts the secured a coalition agreement with the greens are affecting the mind of pauses resurgence of the polls the unlikely alliance brings the greens into government for the first time Mr kat signal ridge the need for compromise physically Gilles Simon and so it is possible to reduce the tax burden and at the same time bring in ecological principles and it is possible to protect the climate and the borders the more I spoke to a Vienna correspondence Bethany bell who says this is a big win for the greens in the last parliament they didn't even make it into parliament to told they did much better in the last election but it also is quite significant in it mocks the swing to the left is the best feeling Kutz because you may remember his loss coalition was with the far right Freedom policy says it's quite a big change for him his policy may see this as a way of trying to soften his image off to that coalition with the far right because the far right Freedom Party was attracting an enormous level of support in Austria does this reflect the change in the country well the Los government fellow pops in may because of the corruption scandal involving the former head of the far right Hines Christian stuff because of that support for the Freedom Party fell quite considerably and they didn't do that well in the last election so presumably some compromises will be needed to make government work what's that going to mean in terms of policy the big issue I think that's a loss of analysts say will be difficult for the two policies is the question of immigration that was something he shed a lot in common with the far right he wants you to stop immigration of protects Austria's board is the left wing greens a fall more proof Mike Renfro refugee and it will I think that will be quite to love Shiv and they really and many of the supporters of the green opposes what Mr could stayed with immigration at that they saw that the house is a tradeoff between you know trying to get that green policies implemented and to sort of try and actually shape policy instead of being in a position so it might not be the trade the greens become more restrictive on immigration in return for their ambition of foster becoming a leading nation fighting climate change vas is certainly what they hope we don't know what details have been exactly agreed when it comes to the green policies we had from the leader of the green saying that they'd agreed mole on climate change and they could have imagined beforehand and that he wants all street to become an international leader on climate change issues we we will get more detail on that to in the coming days via correspondence

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