The Primaries Project: How 1968 Changed Everything - burst 03


It's known for things like where serving for dogs so we have regular foot long double bacon. Sweet corn foods on sticks cattle competitions. I am clipping her. Utter which means I'm going to take all the hair off of it and I'm going to be able to expose that memory system for its spoke glory at amusement rides. And here we go you know like bumper cars teacups. The tilt a world a little old to be riding on the total world. I don't see any other journalists On the ride. But you know it's a place where you can play Carnival Games with the people vying to be the leader of the free world it's like Tulsi Gabbard a congresswoman from colliding teamwork right. It's a simple photo but it's also part of how we select our candidates to be president. How America wins the world of presidential possibilities to basically go to people welcome to the twenty nineteen to Moines Register political soapbox at as many as two thousand five five hundred events in the state of over three million people folks like Rick Edwards will size up the candidates in preparation to be the first state in the nation to weigh in?

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