Best Of Week 154 - Million Dollaz Worth Of Tommy's Muscles - burst 03


But the fact that they're saying now that Josh mcdaniels leaving makes me think there's no way in hell that belt X.. Leaving because we're all under the assumption mcdaniels came back because zoo's told when ballot check leaves. You become the caretaker. This now seems like it's maybe you know his son but I I don't think bell checks leaving anytime soon of mcdaniels is interviewing for jobs. Because I think they're all coming back and I'm not totally devastated this year at they started hot but really towards the end of the season. They never did that thing where they kick it in an comfort. One game the Buffalo Game. I thought they look good. But then you don't lose. WHO's to Miami at home at seventeen point favorites game this season without wildcard game on the line? If you're not seriously flawed in clearly. They were because they didn't look good against Tennessee. Same Brady Senate. We're the same team. We were the whole season. You just we didn't you know there's no light switch. So what's Today Portnoy if Brady leaves if he goes somewhere else if he's playing number somebody I'll I'll root for them wherever he goes watching every game. Yeah as long as not. I'm still patriot. Fan Patriots play Brady. I'm rooting for the Patriots. But you know I'll root for him. No matter out of where he goes as no team he

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